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data-8 - The UC Berkeley Foundations of Data Science
Combines inferential thinking, computational thinking, and real-world relevance.
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8 days ago by mjlassila
Location + time: urban data visualization - MORPHOCODE
To visualize changes over time, we must first understand time itself. Different temporal models support different types of temporal primitives. Most often we use one of the three main types of temporal primitives: a time point; a time interval or a time span.

A time point or an instant is a single point in time. The time interval, on the other hand, has a duration and is constructed by two time points – a beginning and an end. We can think of time points as events, while intervals are associated with processes. The span is a directed amount of time units, for example, 12 days. It is a relative, unanchored temporal primitive without a fixed beginning on the time axis. In that sense time points and intervals are anchored or absolute temporal primitives, with a fixed location on the time axis.
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9 days ago by kmt
A library for defensive data analysis, eg. for making sanity checks in ETL pipeline.
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20 days ago by mjlassila
Frictionless Data
Suite of tools for dataset quality control.
data-analysis  pipeline  validation  etl 
21 days ago by mjlassila
Trent McConaghy - FFX
FFX is a technique for symbolic regression, to induce whitebox models given X/y training data. It does Fast Function Extraction. It is:

Fast - runtime 5-60 seconds, depending on problem size (1GHz cpu)
Scalable - 1000 input variables, no problem!
Deterministic - no need to "hope and pray".
If you ignore the whitebox-model aspect, FFX can be viewed as a regression tool. It's been used this way for thousands of industrial problems with 100K+ input variables. It can also be used as a classifier (FFXC), by wrapping the output with a logistic map. This has also been used successfully on thousands of industrial problems.
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22 days ago by Vaguery
Data analysis group researching human rights violations.
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5 weeks ago by mjlassila

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