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The DAM Book Guides - The DAM Book
When the first two editions of The DAM Book were published, they included a thorough discussion of the principles of storage, organization and workflow, followed by demonstrations of that workflow in action. Starting with the third edition of The DAM Book, the workflow will be split into DAM Book Workflow Guides that are both software and task specific.
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4 weeks ago by euler
Telling the Dam Truth – The Cleanest Line
Europe’s last remaining wild rivers are at grave risk. This time the danger isn’t coming from excessive drought or factories dumping toxic waste—it’s coming from the very hydropower dams that claim to bring us clean, green, renewable energy. The fact is, dams are dirty—and their destructive impact far outweighs their usefulness. In particular, the electricity they generate can now be gained much more effectively from other sources that don’t disrupt rivers, destroy habitats and displace people. If these misguided projects aren’t stopped, the ecological damage and impact on local communities will be devastating.
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9 weeks ago by bullfrogfilms
Catalog all your data on Disks, DVDs, and CDs with NeoFinder.
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9 weeks ago by blumenberg
Professional Photo Management with the Power of Open Source
DAM  macos  application  media  asset  manager  image  opensource  software  photography 
9 weeks ago by blumenberg

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