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I realise has quite a learning curve, but once overcome transitions are (…
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5 days ago by paulhhowells
Seeing Theory
introduction to the basic concepts of probability theory.
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12 days ago by kongharald
jsDataV.is - Visualizations
This is part of a series of examples that describe the basic operation of the D3.js force layout. Eventually they may end up in a blog post that wraps everything together.

The first example creates the simplest possible graph using a force layout. The comments in the code walk through the steps in creating a force directed graph.
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13 days ago by cogdog
Does this syntax highlighting make sense for ?
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17 days ago by rukku
Introducing d3-shape – Mike Bostock – Medium
Say you’re building a new tool for studying data. What’s the most natural representation for specifying a visualization? A configurable chart? Abstract operators and coordinate systems? Graphical…
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18 days ago by uhlume
nteractive, adaptable celestial map done with the D3.js visualization library. So, GeoJSON for sky stuff. Which surprisingly nobody has done yet, it seems.

Features display of stars from the Hipparcos catalogue, deep sky objects (DSOs) with a selectable magnitude limit up to 6, or choose different GeoJSON data source for higher magnitudes. Also shows constellations with names, lines and/or boundaries, the Milky Way band, grid lines/coordinates and Solar System objects. Alternate coordinate spaces e.g. ecliptc, galactic or supergalactic are also possible. Full support for zoom and rotation with mouse or gestures. The interactive viewer has a form that can set most parameters live on the map
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19 days ago by cogdog
A collaborative data visualization platform
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19 days ago by joneik
Visualizing a year of NYC Planning Labs through weekly Git Commits
Blog post…
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22 days ago by rukku

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