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Inheritance - nookienostradamus - Detroit: Become Human (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
This is the unrolled version of the Leo/Markus thread from Twitter, not by popular demand necessarily but by Twitter being a little bitch. I'm just gonna slap it all in one chapter and add to it as it goes. (12k. Yeah I misread that and I thought it was 1.2k but 12 000 words!!! WOW. It's really good. Great reconciliation themes. It's mild d/s. Leo is a bit in awe of Markus and Markus needs company. It's also about how they both grieve for the loss of Carl. Okay, I did not see the bondage coming! Author has totally nailed Markus' voice. Holy fuck, this is the one where Markus has Simon's heart. Past Markus/North and Markus/Simon. Orgasms help Markus forget for a little while aww. Markus tries to build Leo's self-esteem. Holy crap the update. I did not see the Bible verse reference coming - it's good. Everything that I didn't even know I wanted. I love their writing style. Lovely ending.)

QUOTE: At Jericho, Markus had collected lost souls. He had never once considered himself one of their number. Not, at least, until this moment, when his hands and Leo's—reaching in the dark—connect and hold. It's an interface of sorts, so far as such a thing is possible between androids and humans.
fandom:detroitbh  leo/markus  characterstudy  d/s  oralsex  fingering  rarepair  recovery/rehab  grief  bondage  shaving  crying  selfesteem  nightmares 
9 days ago by casey_sms
Lock & Key - sablier_bloque - The Witcher (TV)
/“Geralt, it’s not what it looks like.”

“Really?” he asked. He clenched his jaw before offering a sharp, mirthless smile. “Because it looks like you got caught fucking the mayor’s wife, and now I’m not getting paid!”

“Well,” he laughed nervously, looking anywhere but up. “When you put it that way.”/

In which Jaskier suggests a chastity device to prove himself a worthy travel companion, and of course, gives Geralt the key.
fic  slash  fandom:thewitcher  pairing:geralt/jaskier  rating:nc-17  sextoys  d/s  orgasm.denial  angst  size.kink  masturbation  dirty.talk  scent.kink  pwp  pining  length:5000-15000 
21 days ago by zimaya
Lock & Key
sablier_bloque - Geralt/Jaskier, E --- 9,152

“Geralt, it’s not what it looks like.”

“Really?” he asked. He clenched his jaw before offering a sharp, mirthless smile. “Because it looks like you got caught fucking the mayor’s wife, and now I’m not getting paid!”

“Well,” he laughed nervously, looking anywhere but up. “When you put it that way.”

In which Jaskier suggests a chastity device to prove himself a worthy travel companion, and of course, gives Geralt the key.
ao3  witcher  geralt/jaskier  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  kink  d/s  pining  size-kink  pov-geralt 
24 days ago by we.are.golden
A Trip Up No-Memory Lane - acernor - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Midoriya loses his memory to a villain's quirk in senior year and re-meets his classmates for the first time. With 20x the confidence, he takes absolutely 0% of Bakugo's shit, and pushes back when Bakugo tries to push him around.

Bakugo likes it.
fic  id:acernor  f:BNHA  slash  s:unspecified  long  amnesia  getting-together  explicit  d/s  'ao3 
6 weeks ago by esther_a
A Hunger That's Insatiable - impertinence - Knives Out (2019)
Instead of talking Marta through evading investigators, Ransom goes for the path of least resistance. It leads straight to the courthouse.
fic  het  fandom:knivesout  pairing:marta/ransom  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  marriage  dominate.me!  angst  d/s 
6 weeks ago by zimaya
you and you and me (omegaverse ot3) - lastdream - Marvel 616, Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
take back the day:
It doesn't start as a very good birthday, but Steve's mates are determined to change that.

After Steve’s last birthday, when he’d taken three knots right in a row and been vocally appreciative of all of them— well. Bucky’s alpha enough to admit that he’d been a little jealous. After this, he won’t have to be.
marvel  avengers  Steve/Tony/Bucky  established  lastdream  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  polyamory  pwp  kink  d/s 
9 weeks ago by southerly
It's Our Pleasure - NotEvenCloseToStraight - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers is not a typical Dom and Bucky is a Switch choosing to submit for his Captain. Together they have a love that breaks rules and flaunts expectations, and when they see a beautiful sub being mistreated by his Dom, Bucky and Steve break another rule and interfere.

Tony is a sub bound to Old World protocol-- seen but not heard, there for Ty's pleasure alone, regarded as half a person without his Dom--and Tony thinks that life is normal.

Or at least, he thinks its normal until he meets Bucky and Steve.

Bucky has more freedom than Tony could imagine and Steve's only wish as Dom is to take care of his subs, and when both Dom and Switch fall for Tony, they make it clear there's room for him in their arms and hearts.

First they have to deal with Ty though, first they have to free Tony from an abusive Dom and a history of hurt, and that won't be easy.

But Tony's ready. He's ready to move on and reclaim his life, ready to take a chance on something new, and ready to learn the beauty of willing submission with Bucky, and the truth of a caring Dom in Steve.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  NotEvenCloseToStraight  au  d/s  bdsm  kink  polyamory  Steve/Bucky  established  hurt/comfort 
10 weeks ago by southerly
Time Share - thingswithwings - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“I see his dreams. A cure for me.” Hulk blows out a breath. He hates Banner so fucking much.

“That’s bullshit,” Angry Girl says. “I wouldn’t let that happen. Fuck that. I’d beat the shit out of him and bring you back.”

Hulk looks over at her. He can feel the idea, just out of reach. She looks back, turning her head in a way that means a question. Hulk knows things like that now. She’s the one who taught him.
bruce/valkerie  d/s 
11 weeks ago by j00j
the revelations in your skin - Chapter 1 - afterism - Frozen (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Hans gets sent back to Arendelle in chains. Elsa has a lot of feeling about that. She's got some issues to work through.
fic  long  fandom::Frozen  porn  d/s 
11 weeks ago by aislings
Another Mask Behind You - lettered - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco is a high-end prostitute who hides his identity. Harry unknowingly hires him. And then there is porn, questions about identity, domestic bliss, more porn, and truth as seen through a web of lies.
copytofile  HP  whorefic  dubiousconsent  d/s  toys  bdsm  Harry/Draco  postwar 
11 weeks ago by kitsune_kitana
All You Want by SenLinYu
Eighth Year at Hogwarts was supposed to be Hermione’s. And it is, just not in the way she expects. Omegaverse fic.
Fic  TTS  HarryPotter  Het  Hermione/Draco  A/B/O  Soulmates  Misunderstanding  D/s  First_Time  WC:150K-200K  Rec  Nov2019  Dec2019 
12 weeks ago by paraka
Not A Catholic Thing by Little_White_Lie
Matt Murdock’s mostly a virgin.
That one where Matt’s senses make sex hard.
Foggy snorted. “Is this a Catholic thing?”
No. It’s a people would catch on that I’m not normal if I ever let them see me come apart like that thing. “Yeah.” Some lies were still necessary.
Fic  Daredevil  Slash  Matt/Foggy  Virgin  D/s  Kink  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Nov2019  Rec 
november 2019 by paraka
Pathetic Fallacy
Margo sighed. “It’s probably a Biblical flood then. We’ll have to build an ark. Two of everything. We’ll leave Quentin behind. I’m not sacrificing you or me.”

“We’ll pretend he’s some kind of weird Earth dog,” Eliot said.

Post-Monster. Fillory is flooding; Margo’s having at least one emotion and she hates it; Eliot and Quentin are way too into each other; Fen really needs to take the edge off.
fic  themagicians  quentin/eliot  fen/margo  slash  femslash  rating:nc-17  D/s 
november 2019 by krytella
Little Satisfactions
Yan Wushi was a handful most (all) of the time, but Shen Qiao could find whatever satisfactions he was able to grab on to when giving the other man a taste of his own medicine.
wc:1-5k  author:ChaiMilky  *shenqiao/yanwushi  2019  post-canon  D/s  =qianqiu(thousand.autumns) 
october 2019 by claudine
Picking up the Pace
doop_doop - Iida/Todoroki, E --- 3,723

Some things are just hard to for Todoroki to talk about, particularly sex. He finds it impossible to ask for what he really wants, and, as a result, his relationship is moving more slowly than he'd like.

So when he's hit by a truth-telling Quirk, he decides to use it to his advantage. If he can't talk about sex normally, maybe he'll be able to now, when he can't help but say how he feels. The only trick is to make Iida ask the right questions...
ao3  bnha  iida/todoroki  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★☆  established  truth-serum  sex  bj  d/s 
october 2019 by we.are.golden
mess me up (no one does it better) - extasiswings - Red White & Royal Blue - Casey McQuiston [Archive of Our Own]
Alex likes giving up control.
Sometimes, Alex gets stuck in his own head. And for twenty-two years he doesn’t think there’s anything to be done other than to just go with it, ride out the frenetic energy until he’s fixed whatever needs fixing, or until the situation is over, whichever comes first. If he can just control everything, it’s fine. He likes being in control, he’s good at it, he’s fine. It’s just how things have always been.

Until Henry.

Because their first night together, Henry yanks Alex into his lap and Alex’s brain shorts out, all of him going hot and shivery, and okay, yeah, maybe he’s a little into it.
alex/henry  d/s  extasiswings  redwhite&royalblue  sequel 
september 2019 by greedy_dancer
Clockwork - celestialskiff - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sad--beautiful, but sad. Quentin babysits Julia's kid, mourns the fact that he & El won't have children in this timeline, and mends all the neighbourhood children's toys.
“Come here, baby.” Eliot sat beside him.

Quentin remained curled up, facing away from him. Then sighed, and flowed onto Eliot’s lap, pressing his cheek against Eliot’s thigh. Eliot tangled his fingers into Quentin’s hair. The familiar softness of it.

“We could try again.” The words formed uneasily in Eliot’s mouth. “We didn’t give surrogacy a real chance.”

“Because we couldn’t afford it, and it made us miserable,” Quentin’s breath came out in a shudder. “It’s not going to happen for us. Not by adoption, not surrogacy. We’re not meant to be parents.”
themagicians  quentin/eliot  celestialskiff  angst  future!fic  open!ending  d/s 
september 2019 by greedy_dancer

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