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Mounts for every stem
Garmin and other mounts for every stem
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5 hours ago by bjurry
Tech Talk: Are your bike tires too wide for your rims? Here's how to get it right
For reference, a 62mm wide tire is 2.44″, which is where the current standards formally end. But, with some calculations of the ETRTO standards, we came up with a rough guideline suggesting your rim width should be between 32% to 70% of the tire width. For a 2.8″ tire, that means rims with an internal width of 23mm to 49mm. Based on all of these conversations behind this story, our hunch is that the “ideal standard” lies near the upper middle of that range, so something like a 35-40mm IW rim would be the best starting point for safety, optimized performance and a good tire profile. Disclaimer: That’s our math and opinion based on the charts and excludes the narrowest tire width fringes, so use at your own risk.
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2 days ago by mikael
Chicago Bicycle Program - Posts
Chicag of Chicago bicycle support program.. news about new bike lane development #kudos
Chicago  cycling  city  facebook  page  news  development  transit 
2 days ago by csrollyson

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