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Links to Bikepacking & Ultra-Distance Cycling Websites - Ride Far: Bikepacking Advice
Links to general websites about bikepacking and ultra-distance cycling are listed below.
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12 hours ago by ssorc
The unexpected beauty of China's bicycle graveyards – in pictures
For the past 18 months many cities in China have been flooded by millions of dockless share bikes. Those that block pavements or apartment entrances have been removed by authorities to vast storage areas. Viewed from afar they create compelling and mysterious patterns – but also represent waste on an enormous scale
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yesterday by mikael
Convert Bike – Das einzige Fahrrad, das alles kann
Bike frame + kit options for road, mountain, and commuting configurations
3 days ago by stympy
JRA with the Angry Asian: Enough with the e-bike hate already | CyclingTips
“We now have an entirely new crop of bicyclists that will bring their buying power, advocacy, and potential lobbying ability. Let’s embrace them. Families with young children are already the exposed at-risk trail user amongst cyclists, inline skaters, joggers, and idiots. Let’s not use a few anecdotes as data. The mountain resorts face this same battle in the 80s with snowboarders and skiers squaring off on the slopes. The ‘careless’ snowboarders were ruining the experience for skiers in the minds of those consumers who had used the mountains and snow for enjoyment. As it turns out, the new sport of snowboarding brought investment from outside the endemic brands. In economic and environmental downtime, [snowboarding] may have saved a resort or two. In no plausible scenario does growing the pedal equipped two-wheeled transport hurt cycling as a whole. I’ll take a novice on a bike at a US assisted speed regulated to 20mph all day long, but I’m less optimistic that the influence of the bicycle curmudgeon will wane so quickly. Enthusiasts are genuinely threatened by e-bikes and their riders.”
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3 days ago by inspiral

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