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Oh, I Hate The Romans Already! | Do The Right Thing
This urge to divide the world around us, and to sort out which tribe we belong in goes deeper than would benefit our true self interests. Yet like a pair of dysfunctional co-dependents, we just can’t help ourselves, always looking for ways to find fault and a source of antagonism.

Dutch Kids Being Biked To School. Are we the same or different?

There’s always something that makes them just not like us. We ride the way people should ride, and if more people were like us, the world would be a better place.
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From races to marathons, to , is increasingly becoming known for its
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Manchester police couldn’t stop the bike muggers. So we stepped in | Helen Pidd | Opinion | The Guardian
Greater Manchester police (GMP) finally confirmed on Tuesday that 10 cyclists had been violently robbed on that stretch in the previous six weeks. All were attacked in broad daylight. As the superintendent for the area put it: “This offending cohort doesn’t worry about being seen.” They had established a “crime series”, he told me. Officers would be investigating properly now. Why? Might it have been something to do with the mass cycling protest that took place in Manchester on Wednesday night?
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University of Missouri Nobel Prize winner honored with dedicated campus bike rack | The Kansas City Star
The University of Missouri is honoring its Nobel Prize-winning scientist with an unusual accolade: a dedicated spot in a bicycle rack.

George Smith learned this month that he'll share this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry with two other scientists.

Other schools have recognized their Nobel laureates with a dedicated parking space. But the 77-year-old Smith is, by his own assessment, "not a good driver." . . .

His spot will be in a standard bike rack, the same as those used by other bicyclists on campus. But the university plans to post a sign letting everyone know one particular space belongs to a Nobel laureate.
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