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10 Must-Watch Cyberpunk Movies
Should just note the list down somewhere and lose the link.
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15 days ago by mattsk
Online communities reach middle age | MetaFilter
Calling the US from Mexico in the late 80s and early 90s was stupidly expensive, and most of the calling card numbers and phreaking techniques available in BBS only worked from within the US.

So I did the only logical think, stole a phone (you could not buy one, they all belonged to the phone company) and made a linesman's handset in a cigar box.

I found a telephone pole a few blocks from home, right next to a big ficus tree, with some available lines. I would climb the tree, run some long alligator clipped wires to a nice fork in the tree, and lay there for hours accessing voice message services to get the latest gossip and leave messages asking for collect call numbers I could use from Mexico.

I got banned from the phone at home after I kept the line busy 14 hours straight, sometimes I would take my Amiga 500, Hsyes modem, TV adapter, and a portable black and white TV up in the tree, connect an extension cord to lamp post, and spend many hours downloading text files into floppies.

The TV adapter would accept interference. For me the BBS era looks like fuzzy text on a tiny black and white monitor with a background of ghostly and badly v-syncd local news shows and soap operas.

Las time I visited my mother's, a few weeks ago, I went for a walk and could see my old alligator clips and wire still wrapped around a branch, the tails trailing almost to the ground.
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26 days ago by amsone
Just the average train journey in this world. (It's good to be working on this again!)
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5 weeks ago by TheLambdaCalculus

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