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卡蘭坦斯蓋普恩基地: [長篇科幻翻譯] Neuromancer (1984) 非正式繁體中文版首頁
王寶翔「自主」翻譯 Neuromancer(1984) 小說,亦即奠基 Cyberpunk 科幻小說的經典傑作,繁中正式譯本應是開元書印的《神經喚術士》,但已絕版,版權歸屬不明。
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yesterday by wastemobile
Cyberpunk Cities Fetishize Asian Culture But Have No Asians - Motherboard
Like the original, 2049 uses Asianness as a visual cue for the future. You might have missed it, since the film wholly lacks Asian characters.
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7 days ago by tarakc02
This Future Looks Familiar: Watching Blade Runner in 2017 |
There is a whole class of slaves. It is illegal for them to escape slavery. The cops are supposed to murder the slaves if they escape, because there is a risk that they will start to think they’re people. But the cops know that the slaves are not people, so it’s okay to murder them. The greatest danger, the thing the cops are supposed to prevent, is that the slaves will try to assimilate into the society that relies on their labor.
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14 days ago by jchris

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