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Scratching the Surface — 102. Laurel Schwulst
"Laurel Schwulst is a designer, writer, teacher, and webmaster. She runs an independent design practice in New York City and teaches in design programs at Yale and Rutgers. She previously was the creative director for The Creative Independent and a web designer at Linked By Air. In this episode, Laurel and Jarrett talk about how horses got her into graphic design, what websites can be, the potential of the peer-to-peer internet, and how writing and teaching influence her practice."

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Scratching the Surface — 104. Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron
"Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron are two of the founders of, a knowledge sharing platform that combines the creative back-and-forth of social media with the focus of a productivity tool. Before working on Arena, Cab was a digital artist and Chris a graphic designer and in this episode, they talk about their desire for a new type of bookmarking tool and building a platform for collaborative, interdisciplinary research as well as larger questions around open source tools, research as artistic practice, and subverting the norms of social media."

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New York Resume Writer & Personal Branding - Brooklyn Resume Studio
New York resume writers and designers providing personal branding, job search strategy, and career transition for executives, creatives, and marketers.
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SkillSyncer | Tailor your Resume to the Job you Want
Resume keyword optimization tool, designed to automate the scoring of your resume to job descriptions the same way Applicant Tracking Systems do. Sign up for free today.
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posquit0/Awesome-CV: Awesome CV is LaTeX template for your outstanding job application
:page_facing_up: Awesome CV is LaTeX template for your outstanding job application - posquit0/Awesome-CV
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spagnuolocarmine/TwentySecondsCurriculumVitae-LaTex: Write Beautiful Curriculum Vitae in LaTex, that ensures twenty seconds reading.
Write Beautiful Curriculum Vitae in LaTex, that ensures twenty seconds reading. - spagnuolocarmine/TwentySecondsCurriculumVitae-LaTex
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