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Diving In
The thing about near-death experiences was that they temporarily rewired your brain. At least, that was Rodney's excuse for how he had come to find himself on a boat in the middle of the ocean, watching as someone demonstrated how to breathe oxygen through a flimsy tube
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  romance  first!time  hurt/comfort  cute  1000-9999  respoftw 
10 hours ago by popkin16
Electric Ghost Rhino
Lavellington - Todd/Dirk, T --- 8,363

Part 1 of the I Always End Up Where I Need to Be

Dirk and Todd are not co-dependent, exactly. They've just had a rough couple of weeks.
ao3  dirk-gently  dirk/todd  *t  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  ;♥  friendship  domestic  pre-slash  accidental-dating  cute  series 
yesterday by we.are.golden
The Perfect Couch
mikkimouse - Tiger/Bunny, T --- 1,561

“What about this one?”

Bunny frowned. “I don’t know. It’s not right.”

“Not right?” Kotetsu looked the couch over again, trying to figure out what he’d missed. “What’s wrong with it?”

Bunny stared at the couch, brow furrowed like he was defusing a bomb and not picking out furniture. "It’s not comfortable enough."

(Barnaby is looking for a couch. Kotetsu helps.)
ao3  tiger&bunny  tiger/bunny  *t  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  domestic  cute 
yesterday by we.are.golden
Summer in the Adirondacks, 1955
Rodney is working at an ice cream stand over the summer to save money for university, and John is one of his regular customers. They have more in common than Rodney first thought.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  historicau  meet.young  cute  humor  brumeier  1000-9999 
yesterday by popkin16
Sun, Moon, Dust
“I don’t expect to conquer anything,” said Allpa. “I mean, we could conquer the neighbors, but that seems a little unkind. I trade seeds with them every spring. Their goat covered mine last month, and they didn’t ask for payment because I’m just getting started here. Well, and you can’t really keep goats from doing that, but…” He trailed off. Something about the angle of Dust’s head made him think that the warrior was not interested in the details of goat husbandry.
fiction  stories  cute 
yesterday by jedusor
I'll Keep You Company
Sixteen-year-old pair skater Rodney McKay has made it onto Team Canada for the Winter Olympics (with his sister), but he's not focused on the gold: he's focused on a solo skater from Team USA named John Sheppard.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  jeannie.miller  romance  first!time  pining!rodney  humor  cute  1000-9999 
2 days ago by popkin16
Intelligence Is Like Underwear
In which John is a big fan of the underwear model on the billboard outside his office, but never expects to actually meet him in person.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  romance  humor  first!time  outside.pov  cute  happy!fic  brumeier 
3 days ago by popkin16
Cashflow for Kids | tagteamme
"Ah yes," Celestino tips back in his chair, closing his eyes. Phichit grabs Yuuri's glass and downs the rest of the wine. Yuuri is the only one who is stone cold sober. "I see a lot of myself in you two, you know. So much drive and passion."

Yuuri doesn't see it fully, at least not for himself. Anxiety and fluctuating self loathe aside, he regularly hunts for his glasses while wearing them. He has boyband and extravagant figure skating posters up on his wall. He wore a neon orange sweatshirt and red track pants to practice last week.

Phichit, maybe. Phichit has a little more flair. Phichit "accidentally" threw the red track pants down the trash chute.


Phichit and Yuuri and how they made some extra $$$ during their university years.
fic  gen  CUTE  via:goodgriefcharlie 
4 days ago by fyveryunoriginal
Solve for Shep
He can hear himself catastrophising about his blood sugar on autopilot to cover the distraction, while most of his incomparable brainpower is still stalled out on the way John Sheppard looks when he’s being very, very smart and acting very, very dumb.
sga  mcshep  canon  pre-slash  humor  cute  0-999 
4 days ago by popkin16

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