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RT : Wenn Instagrammer mit >900 000 Followern Migräne haben, sieht das übrigens so aus.
cute  sick  hairstyle  from twitter
yesterday by tmmd
Wenn Instagrammer mit >900 000 Followern Migräne haben, sieht das übrigens so aus.
hairstyle  cute  sick  from twitter_favs
yesterday by karincita
Discreet Arrangements
It was just supposed to be a way to earn enough money so that John and his daughter didn't have to struggle so much, but John's online arrangement with Rodney turns into so much more.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  kid!fic  cute  humor  gorgeous/favorite  1000-9999  brumeier 
yesterday by popkin16
In These Frozen and Silent Nights - beethechange - Buzzfeed Unsolved (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
“You know me,” Shane says, “I love a good cabin. I’m a cabinhead.”

“I’ll show you cabin head,” Ryan rebuts without thinking, and then he turns his face into the pillow to stifle a nervous snicker. “Oh shit, wait, that’s—”

Planning a shoot at a remote cabin in Vermont the week before Christmas wasn't Ryan’s best-ever idea. Taking a leisurely walk in a blizzard wasn't Shane’s. Scrap the ep, there’s a new plan: survive the storm, stay warm, try not to kill each other, and figure some shit out along the way.
buzzfeed-unsolved-supernatural  shane/ryan  nc17  angst  miscommunication  sweet  cute  hurt-comfort 
3 days ago by mklutz
Team Trophy Husband Jack
I honestly now want the fic where Jack might be an extremely successful hockey player, etc, but for the rest of the world who don’t follow NHL and sport news, he’s Eric Bittle’s trophy husband.
jack/bittle  check-please  established  cute  sweet 
6 days ago by mklutz
Sweet Buns - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles hasn’t seen Derek Hale this close up for over a decade. He looks almost exactly the same, except somehow he seems even bigger and broodier—criminally handsome, with soft-looking dark scruff, heavy brows, light hazel eyes. His gaze zeros in on Stiles almost immediately, and his scowl lightens minutely in what looks like surprise.

Stiles is acutely aware that he has melted butter and cinnamon all over his face, and tries to surreptitiously wipe it with the ends of his sweater-sleeve.


The a/b/o bakery au with feelings
teenwolf  derek/stiles  AOB-au  contemporary-au  au-meets-canon  cute  sweet  angst  miscommunication  alive!hales  isaac  scott  jackson  laura-hale  lydia  lydia/jackson 
6 days ago by mklutz
Splash Free! (Open 24/7)
whaleofatime - Haru/Makoto, G --- 4,140

Haru isn’t sure when it got more efficient to hire a waterbender than it was to power a bunch of washing machines the usual way, but it’s steady work, he’s strong enough to cope with the washing demands of literally the whole of Japan, and Makoto always looks extra pleased when their clothes tumble out smelling spring fresh, so.

Life’s good.

(Or, the one where Haru accidentally becomes the owner of the largest, most successful cleaning business of Japan, and it all starts with Makoto.)
ao3  free!  makoto/haruka  *g  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  au  magical-realism  established  cute 
6 days ago by we.are.golden
sportsfest | Bonus Round 1: Time and Place
mousapelli - Hinata & Tsukishima, G --- 717

TIME: 3 minutes before their last match of high school
PLACE: the bathroom that Hinata is refusing to leave
dw-fic  haikyuu  gen  *g  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  future-fic  friendship  cute 
9 days ago by we.are.golden
Mating Habits of the North American Beaver
oliviacirce - Rudy/Mike, T --- 1,608

Rudy Miller is an actor, and sometimes actors have to take crappy jobs that involve beaver costumes.
ao3  i-want-to-go-home  rudy/mike  *t  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  future-fic  actor!au  first  cute 
11 days ago by we.are.golden

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