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An impressive 72% of millennials are more likely to be loyal to a brand that responds to feedback on social media.
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13 hours ago by cote
We hired a Japanese moving company! - YouTube
Send someone days before to survey / explain process. Hand tissues to neighbors
Recycle old appliances
Sell new appliances (at low prices) -- put right into house
Introduce themselves by name, explain process day-of.
Add protectors to wall and floor
Wrap the bed instead of just carrying it out
Carry things to their own car
Add numbers to boxes so you know which cabinet it belongs to
Containers for dishes, fragile lights, dishes, clothes (accommodate hangers, no folding required)
Color-coded containers: Red is fragile, yellow is "use it right after move"
Specialized workers for different things (e.g., taking light down)
Unpackers are different workers
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22 days ago by ramitsethi
The Real Reason People Pay $300+ Per Plate At Eleven Madison Park | Fast Company - YouTube
"There's a basic human desire to feel seen, there's a basic human desire to feel cared for, to feel understood, to feel welcomed..."
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25 days ago by hankins
Google wrongly terminated our new business via our Google Play Developer Account
Google's App Store killed my company because of an unappealable "association" with some other individual and a complete inability to communicate with them.
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6 weeks ago by mcherm

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