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Introducing Anchorage, the world’s first crypto-native custodian
Today we are excited to introduce Anchorage, the most advanced digital asset custodian for institutional investors. via Pocket
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25 days ago by ChristopherA
draft-vcgtf-crypto-assets-security-considerations-03 - General Security Considerations for Cryptoassets Custodians
Network Working Group M. Sato Internet-Draft M. Shimaoka Intended status: Informational SECOM IS Lab. Expires: July 3, 2019 H. Nakajima, Ed. via Pocket
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5 weeks ago by ChristopherA
Standard Chartered targets crypto custody offering
Bank aims to create a ‘trusted investment environment’ for institutional investors.
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november 2018 by danielle.szetho
CRYPTOTAG | We got your backup
We got your backup Your crypto recovery seed and private keys forever stored in pure Titanium. Compatible with Ledger, TREZOR, KeepKey, Jaxx, Exodus and more. Buy now Space grade Titanium Maximum protection for your private keys and recovery seed. Safe moon landing guaranteed. via Pocket
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november 2018 by ChristopherA
The Business of Bitcoin Cold Storage – Nik Bhatia – Medium
Bitcoin is digital gold, and this continues to be its most appropriate and concise metaphor. I recently discussed some parallels between gold and bitcoin in an article about layered money and Lightning Network. In this writing I’d like to focus on the storage analogy. via Pocket
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november 2018 by ChristopherA
Open Sourcing Subzero – Square Corner Blog – Medium
Late last year, Square began offering the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin with Cash App. As part of that launch we invested heavily in building out our cryptocurrency infrastructure to help protect…
security  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  opensource  storage  square  custody  binaryoctopus  tldr 
november 2018 by alexmc
Digital Gold | The Royal Mint
RMG is an alternative way to invest in and trade physical gold. It aims to provide the investment performance of the London Gold Market with the transparency of an exchange-traded security.
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october 2018 by orlin

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