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I Used to Be Homeless—and Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About It
You've been misled by television and movies: Homeless people aren't dangerous. Here's the reality from a man who spent 20 years living on the streets.
2 hours ago by geetarista
This Is All Donald Trump Has Left (Deadspin)
His politics, to the extent that they’ve ever been legible, have always been off-the-rack big city tabloid bullshit—crudely racist exterminate the brutes/back the blue authoritarianism in the background and ruthless petty rich person squabbling in the front. His actions since becoming president have been those of a dim, cruel child playacting at being a powerful man—giving orders without quite knowing what they mean or how they might be carried out, taunting enemies, beating up the people he can afford to beat up without having to be called to account for it, lying as needed or just for yuks. He hasn’t changed a thing since graduating from punchline to president. It’s been clear for decades that Trump was both an asshole and a dummy; this is now a problem not just for the odd unlucky cocktail waitress and his staff of cheesy apparatchiks but for literally every person on earth.
trump  america  culture  politics  government  media 
4 hours ago by matthewmcvickar
Jill Lepore on writing the story of America, etc.
1. "That transformation, from facts to numbers to data, traces something else: the shifting prestige placed on different ways of knowing. Facts come from the realm of the humanities, numbers represent the social sciences, and data the natural sciences. When people talk about the decline of the humanities, they are actually talking about the rise and fall of the fact, as well as other factors. When people try to re-establish the prestige of the humanities with the digital humanities and large data sets, that is no longer the humanities. What humanists do comes from a different epistemological scale ..."

2. "I began to think I shouldn’t say no when I’m asked to write a big sweeping account of American history. There can be no mistaking it for lacking ambition. Plenty of people belittle the contributions of women, but they should never take on the smaller project when the bigger one excites them."
humanities  humanism  history  writing  culture 
5 hours ago by jnchapel
BBC - Travel - Why the French don’t show excitement
“This is not, then, a mere question of translation, but rather a question of culture. Like other untranslatable terms like Japan’s shinrin-yoku (the relaxation gained from being around nature) or dadirri (deep, reflective listening) in aboriginal Australian, it seems as though the average French person doesn’t need to express excitement on the day to day.”
france  language  culture 
11 hours ago by colm.mcmullan

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