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Comic books and Post headlines
Trump’s masculinist dream is partly the stuff of a comic book (everyday fellow with secret powers, including perfect aim), partly the stuff of a New York Post headline (Retired General Takes Down Sicko).
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4 hours ago by M.Leddy
Calling BS
I expect to hear Emma González’s words with increasing frequency in the fight for gun control.
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4 hours ago by M.Leddy
President Donald Trump holds notes telling him to show empathy. “5. I hear you.”
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4 hours ago by M.Leddy
The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change – Om Malik
Engagement gets attention, and attention is a zero-sum game. Time spent on Facebook (or Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp) means that’s attention not spent on Twitter, Snapchat, or anyone else who dares to compete with them.
Facebook’s stated mission is to connect the world. They have already done that in the US, but their subsequent actions show that their real agenda is to extract user data — not strengthen connections. Just read their 10k filing and you’ll see it in black and white.
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9 hours ago by crankyuser - The Musical Time Machine
Radiooooo 是一款收集了很多经典老歌的服务,提供网页版、iPhone 以及 Android 客户端,能够从 1900 年,听到 2010 年,世界范围内到大多数国家均有记录。@Appinn

背景图来自 unsplash


Radiooooo 提供三种口味的音乐:舒缓、快节奏以及比较奇怪的节奏。

最有趣的是,Radiooooo 提供一个 TAXI 出租车模式,它让你选定一个范围,比如 30 年代到 50 年代,在选定国家,可以多个多家。然后开始播放,Radiooooo 就像出粗车一样载着你在这些年代的不同国家漫游。



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15 hours ago by suimong

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