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Freewinds quarantined
Scientology's creepy cruise ship has a measles outbreak
measles  scientology  cult  freewinds  tootme 
18 days ago by nelson
America’s Messiah Complex | The New Republic
"AMERICAN MESSIAHS: FALSE PROPHETS FOR A DAMNED NATION by Adam MorrisLiveright, 432 pp., $28.95"
book  review  history  religion  cult  american-studies  prophecy 
26 days ago by tsuomela
Goto and the folly of dogma | Many But Finite
Many programmers are surprised to find out that the goto statement is still widely used in modern, high-quality codebases. Here are some examples, using the fir
goto  cult  dogma  criticism 
5 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Rajneesh movement - Wikipedia
The cult featured in the Wild, Wild Country Netflix documentary

Bioterror attacks in the mid 80s
against  religion  cult 
6 weeks ago by dandv

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