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5 <IMG> CSS Properties You Should Know - Hongkiat
There are CSS properties, such as background images, border images, masking, and clipping properties, with which you can directly add images to web pages and
Webdesign  css  images 
yesterday by basemaly
Stylie – A Free CSS Web Animation Builder - Hongkiat
If you struggle with CSS3 syntax and want a simple way to create animations Stylie is a great tool to save. This is one of many free code generators with a
css  animation  webdesign 
yesterday by basemaly
Image Effects with CSS
Pencil drawing, watercolors, "hallucination", etc
css  effects  images  webdesign 
yesterday by leereamsnyder
8-Point Grid: Vertical Rhythm
A popular vertical grid model for web layouts.
layouts  webdesign  grid  css  rhythm  typography  webdev 
yesterday by angusm

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