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Dropgangs, or the future of darknet markets • Opaque Link
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Dropgangs, or the future of dark markets The Internet is full of commercial activity and it should come at no surprise that even illegal commercial activity is widespread as well. In this article we would like to describe the current developments - from where we came, where we are now, and where it might be going - when it comes to technologies used for digital black market activity.
crime  crypto  culture  technology  darknet  future 
1 hour ago by stevesong
FiloSottile/mkcert: A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
mkcert is a simple tool for making locally-trusted development certificates. It requires no configuration.
security  ssl  tls  crypto 
10 hours ago by dserodio
Modular conversion, encoding and encryption online — Cryptii
Web app offering modular conversion, encoding and encryption online. Translations are done in the browser without any server interaction. This is an Open Source project, code licensed MIT.
Crypto  cryptography  MIT  Project  Encrypt  Enigma  Machine  Online 
18 hours ago by smitchell

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