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Volareo: The Smart Speaker That Plays Video | Indiegogo
"Volareo: The world's first open source, decentralized smart speaker"
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yesterday by jkp
This AI dreams in tulips
To generate new flowers based on bitcoin’s price, Ridler trained a generative adversarial network, or GAN, using her painstakingly constructed data set. The result is an endless parade of tulips that look almost real–another similarity to Dutch still life, which often depicted what she calls “botanical impossibilities,” or groups of flowers that don’t bloom in the same season. Some of the tulips her AI dreams up look passably realistic, others explode into alien flowers in the hands of the algorithm. “GANs in particular have a tendency to seem like they are improving and then suffer ‘mode collapse,’ just like markets do,” she explains.
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yesterday by osfa
Time to regulate bitcoin, says Treasury committee report • The Guardian
Angela Monaghan:
<p>Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are “wild west” assets that expose investors to a litany of risks and are in urgent need of regulation, MPs on the Treasury select committee have said.

The committee said in a report that consumers were left unprotected from an unregulated industry that aided money laundering, while the government and regulators “bumble along” and fail to take action.

The Conservative MP Nicky Morgan, the chair of the committee, said the current situation was unsustainable.

“Bitcoin and other crypto-assets exist in the wild west industry of crypto-assets. This unregulated industry leaves investors facing numerous risks,” Morgan said. “Given the high price volatility, the hacking vulnerability of exchanges and the potential role in money laundering, the Treasury committee strongly believes that regulation should be introduced.”</p>

The <a href="">report is on the Parliament site</a>, and doesn't pull its punches. How do you regulate? Introduce anti-money laundering measures - basically, get people to explain where large amounts of arriving (fiat) money come from.
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
CC3000 Smart Config - transmitting SSID and keyphrase ~ Depletion Region
So let's start at the start - we have a problem - we want to send two pieces of information, an SSID and the keyphrase, from one party that is already a member of the wifi network to an external party who can monitor all the encrypted wifi traffic but who cannot decrypt it.

Someone who cannot decrypt the wifi traffic can still see quite a lot of information, e.g. they can see the source and receiver MAC addresses of every packet sent.

They can also see the length of the data portion of the pac...
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2 days ago by pozorvlak
TaaS - Home
Similar to iconomi?
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2 days ago by lindberg

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