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REST API Design - Resource Modeling | ThoughtWorks
The way to escape low-level CRUD is to create business operation or business process resources, or what we can call as "intent" resources that express a business/domain level "state of wanting something" or "state of the process towards the end result".
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5 days ago by jhsu
FORWARD Web Application Framework
A declarative, rapid development framework for data-driven Ajax reports and applications.
Rich visualizations and collaborative workflows require only a few lines of SQL-based code and visualization/interaction markup.
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4 weeks ago by slowbyte
Laravel 5.5 VueJs 2.0 CRUD Operations Application - iTech Empires
Really nice and fairly easy to understand tutorial demonstrating how to do an entire CRUD page demonstrating how to do a listing, create form page, update form page and delete functionality.
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6 weeks ago by racl101
PostgREST Documentation — PostgREST 4.4.0 documentation
PostgREST is a standalone web server that turns your PostgreSQL database directly into a RESTful API. The structural constraints and permissions in the database determine the API endpoints and operations.

Using PostgREST is an alternative to manual CRUD programming. Custom API servers suffer problems. Writing business logic often duplicates, ignores or hobbles database structure. Object-relational mapping is a leaky abstraction leading to slow imperative code. The PostgREST philosophy establishes a single declarative source of truth: the data itself.
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march 2018 by tonious
GitHub - ttu/dotnet-fake-json-server: Fake JSON Server is a Fake REST API that can be used as a Back End for prototyping or as a template for a CRUD Back End. Fake JSON Server also has an an experimental GraphQL query and mutation support.
Fake JSON Server is a Fake REST API that can be used as a Back End for prototyping or as a template for a CRUD Back End. Fake JSON Server also has an an experimental GraphQL query and mutation support.
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february 2018 by coffeebucket

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