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Net SE, parent company for Meyer Optik, others files for bankruptcy
Kickstarters should not moan over lost money. Funding a kickstarter project by itself is already a high risk gamble. Many kickstarter projects came to life due to the fact that a bank didn't see any Return On Investement on the idea that the kickstarter has. So they turn to private investors to give their idea a new chance. A private investor is what you are when you backup such project. You could have known beforehand that some of the projects may fail soon or later on during the project. Some projects remain paperware forever and others (like these lenses) fail due to unforeseen circumstances. Call yourself lucky when you get what you paid for. But don't moan if your investment didn't come to fruition.Too bad - Learn your lesson and get over it.
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12 hours ago by mikael
A 'benefit night' poem! Maybe people should do these for kickstarter campaigns? Found on a 19thC play…
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yesterday by miaridge
Women You Should Fund – Women You Should Fund is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform brought to you by Women You Should Know, a leading digital hub of women’s and girls’ empowerment. Women-powered ideas. Community-powered funding.
"Women You Should Fund is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform brought to you by Women You Should Know, a leading digital hub of women’s and girls’ empowerment.

After more than 5 years supporting and celebrating women, using the power of storytelling and story sharing to inspire a dynamic and evergrowing social community, we’ve expanded our mission. Women You Should Fund sets entrepreneurial ideas into motion by helping women and women-led teams make their products, projects, and business ventures a reality.

Now is the time to fuel the innovation of women entrepreneurs, to ignite the most direct form of investment, and to harness the power of our established, engaged community, which thrives on women and their allies supporting each other."
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4 days ago by eric.brechemier
In The Saturated Travel Bag Industry, This Carry-On Is Breaking Crowdfunding Records
Kish Vasnani and Vanessa Jeswani, the duo behind travel accessory company Nomad Lane, LLC., did not plan to set crowdfunding records. via Pocket
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5 days ago by evansthompson
Beerpay - Pay Beer. Pay Open Source
The way to support your Open Source projects on GitHub!
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5 days ago by NSwoRmit
Patreon Acquires Memberful – art/work -behind the scenes at patreon
At Patreon, we’re building a world-class membership platform that enables creators to own the relationship with their fans. We feel that creators should decide how and when they engage with their fans, where they build their community, and how they run their business. And, for some creators, that also means managing a fully branded membership program on their own website. That’s why, today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have acquired Memberful, adding a self-service white label membership solution to our growing product portfolio.

Patreon and Memberful share a mission to fund the creative class and we both understand there are a variety of platforms and business models available to achieve that goal. Together, we’ll now be able to offer a wider range of options for building and managing a successful membership program.
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6 days ago by dancall

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