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AI Hasn't Found Its Isaac Newton: Gary Marcus on Deep Learning Defects & 'Frenemy' Yann LeCun | Synced
Synced is proud to present Gary Marcus as the last installment in our Lunar New Year Project — a series of interviews with AI experts reflecting on AI development in 2018 and looking ahead to 2019. (Read the previous articles on Clarifai CEO Matt Zeiler and Google Brain Researcher Quoc Le.)
ai  criticism  skeptic 
16 minutes ago by gilberto5757
Don’t give me another DSL. Give me a library – Matt Hagy – Medium
My biggest hesitation in learning Terraform is that I don’t want to have to learn Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL). Instead, I’d rather have a library that writes out the JSON form of HCL that…
dsl  configuration  file  format  criticism 
9 hours ago by gilberto5757
Lauber's Kolumne - Fettleber: DiabDialog mit Dr. Nicolai Worm
Nun sagen aber gern zitierte Experten wie Udo Pollmer, Zucker habe nichts mit Diabetes zu tun?
Das ist falsch. Pollmer verfährt nach einer Maxime: „Hauptsache dagegen!“ Schade, dass diese Masche immer wieder in den Medien verfängt. Geschickt greift er aber auch die Schwachstellen der herrschenden Ernährungslehre an. So kennt er natürlich die Schwächen des BMI und propagiert fröhlich das gesunde Dicksein. Das funktioniert sogar in Grenzen, selbst ein massiv übergewichtiger Sumo-Ringer ist einigermaßen fit – solange er trainiert. Pollmer hingegen wiegt viele untrainierte Übergewichtige in eine falsche Sicherheit – und das ist gefährlich. So wird er zum Rattenfänger, dem viele auf den Leim gehen.
Diabetes  criticism  Pollmer_Udo  Worm_Dr._Nicolai  Zucker  Ursache 
yesterday by snearch
UX Retrospectives 101 (Nielsen/Norman Group)
Памятка по проведению регулярных сессий дизайн-критики или ретроспектив от Rachel Krause из Nielsen/Norman Group.
UX  management  process  criticism  issue 
2 days ago by jvetrau
Does business care about algorithmic skills? – Hacker Noon
Why algorithmic tasks on interview are irrational and counter-productive
code  reinvention  homemade  criticism  algorithm  skill  nocessity  wheel  reinvent 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
Despite Grave Problems, the Lord Will Never Abandon His Church
My contribution will draw on my personal experience of 51 years of priesthood.It is evident to all that a primary cause of the present terrible crisis of sexual abuse committed by ordained clergy, including bishops, is the lack of proper spiritual formation of candidates to the priesthood. That lack, in turn, is largely explained by the doctrinal and moral corruption of many seminary formators, corruption that increased exponentially beginning in the 1960s.Our spiritual director was in favor of priestly ordination ad tempus — the idea that ordained priesthood could be a merely temporary status.At the Gregorian, one of the professors of moral theology favored situation ethics. And some classmates confided to me that their spiritual directors had no objection to their presenting themselves for priestly ordination despite their unresolved and continual grave sins against chastity.Certainly, those who suffer from deep-seated same-sex attraction should never be admitted to seminary. Moreover, before any seminarian is accepted for ordination, he must not only strive for chastity but actually achieve it. He must already be living chaste celibacy peacefully and for a prolonged period of time, for if this is lacking, the seminarian and his formators cannot have the requisite confidence that he is called to the celibate life...he fact remains that the overwhelming majority of abuse has been inflicted on post-pubescent boys by homosexual clerics. It is mere hypocrisy to condemn the abuse and claim to sympathize with the victims without facing up to this fact honestly
catholic  register  scandals  criticism  summits 
3 days ago by thomas.kochi
Ernährungstrends: "Der Appetit ist die moderne Erbsünde" | ZEIT ONLINE
In der Ernährungswissenschaft wird in einem kaum vorstellbaren Maße getürkt. Gerade hat John Ioannidis, ein namhafter Biostatistiker aus Harvard, mal Hunderte von Studien zum Thema Krebsgefahr beziehungsweise Krebsschutz durch Nahrungsmittel analysiert. Ergebnis:
 so wertvoll wie ein gebrauchtes Kondom. Wir brauchen im Grunde nichts von dem zu glauben, was uns erzählt wird.
Pollmer_Udo  Cortisol  Stress  slimming  Ursache  Übergewicht  health  schlechtes_Gewissen  Schuldgefühl  Gefühl  Protestantismus  Religion  nutrition  Alkohol  Christentum  Studie  Monica-Studie  WHO  Biologie  Ioannidis_John  Biostatistik  Statistik  Wissenschaft  Ernährungswissenschaft  criticism 
3 days ago by snearch
Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs | Jason Goldstein
This rings very true. 99% of the project I work on are CUD operation stuff, with limited visual updating. My major use for Vue (which I picked up instead of React) is to simplify my JS form handling a bit, and manage the ajax elements, not really anything clever.
react  javascript  criticism 
3 days ago by alasdairw
10 Reasons to Refuse an NDA – Darryn Ten – Medium
If you’re an established Developer you will have had this conversation multiple times over the course of your career. This happens to us so regularly that we’ve been forced to come up with concise…
nondisclosure  agreement  nda  rebuttal  criticism 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
'DAU': A Weird Soviet Exhibition 14 Years in the Making - The Atlantic
In the end, DAU in Paris is a massive Gesamtkunstwerk without much Kunst. It’s a nightclub disguised as an art installation. It’s a party—and it makes you feel as if you’re not invited. DAU is a case study in how word of mouth spreads among artists, and how the Paris cultural establishment will seemingly embrace any project that affirms its commitment to the avant-garde, no matter how grotesque or banal. The true work of art here may be that Khrzhanovsky managed to pull it off at all.

Before he glided out into the night, I asked Khrzhanovsky what he wanted visitors to take away from the project. “That they can feel something about themselves, and I don’t know what, because people are so different,” he said. I did feel something. That I have a high tolerance for art, a low tolerance for physical discomfort, and an even lower tolerance for bullshit.
art  art.history  Soviet  criticism 
3 days ago by the_alt

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