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Hippocrates, Hippocrates Collected Works I, 8. THE DOCTRINE OF HUMOURS.
To trace the course of a disease through its various stages, and to be able to see what is portended by symptoms in different diseases and at different stages of those diseases, was an art upon which Hippocrates laid great stress. He called it πρόγνως1ις, and it included at least half of the physician's work.

[Prognosis appears to be the last Greek word in that paragraph.]
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How Amazon Became Corporate America’s Nightmare
CEOs may grumble about wages, shareholders, and Washington, but they should truly fear Jeff Bezos’s sprawling empire.
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Number of child and adolescent psychiatrists falling - BBC News
The number of child and adolescent psychiatrists has fallen by 6.3% in England over the past four years, their professional body has warned.
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