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Heatwave sees record high temperatures around world this week | Environment | The Guardian
From Europe to Africa, extreme and widespread heat raises climate concerns in hottest La Niña year to date on record [...] Last week, a weather station at Ouargla in Algeria’s Sahara Desert, reported a maximum temperature of 51.3C on 5 July, the highest temperature reliably recorded in Africa.

Even when the sun goes down, night is not providing the cooling relief it once did in many parts of the world. At Quriyat, on the coast of Oman, overnight temperatures remained above 42.6C, which is believed to be the highest “low” temperature ever recorded in the world. Downtown Los Angeles also saw a new monthly July minimum overnight record of 26.1C on 7 July.
Klimakatastrophe  climatechange  climate  change  globalwarming  global  warming  drought  water  crisis 
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Boris Johnson and David Davis resign: As it happened - BBC News
Boris Johnson resigns as foreign secretary amid growing crisis over UK's Brexit strategy
Brexit  BorisJohnson  DavidDavis  BBCNews  Resignations  EuropeanUnion  Crisis  Politics  UKPolitics 
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Things are... not good - Lawyers, Guns & Money
To continue with this theme, it is simply becoming impossible to ignore that American political institutions have already entered a pivotal phase—a critical juncture. The unravelling of the Civil War and New Deal reorganizations of the American political system is well underway. The Supreme Court may be the major player here, but the other branches of government are doing their part. In general, we think about this in strictly ideological terms: ‘this is bad for liberal policy preferences, good for conservative ones.’ I think this is too narrow a perspective.

We are talking about the potential for significant decentralization that precludes country-wide policy coordination, even more extensive local variation in political systems between “Red” and “Blue” states, and attenuation of the fiscal capacity to engage in national projects. This kind of system might work for a nineteenth-century federation largely shielded from great-power competition (although, in truth, it careened from crisis to crisis and its survival only looks inevitable in retrospect), but it is likely ill-suited for twenty-first century challenges: environmental, national-security, and economic. Moreover, deregulation of campaign finance, among other things, leaves the country vulnerable to globalizing authoritarianism.
politics  institutions  crisis  usa  ****  2018  trump  failure  democracy 
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Zuwanderung und Asylstreit: Wie Verrohung der Sprache zur Eskalation beiträgt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Seit Jahren verschärft sich der politische Streit um Zuwanderung - auch rhetorisch. Worte werden zu Waffen, die Gräben in der Gesellschaft tiefer. Plädoyer für eine verbale Abrüstung. /// - Philosophischer Wochenkommentar Das Leid anderer anerkennen Von David Lauer
tl;dr es fordert Anerkennung ... moralisch uns selbst zu erkennen geben und zu erkennen, und was dabei rauskommt ist mehr oder weniger Schmeichelhaft. Entbloest sich selber seiner inhumanitaet. Fragiler mensch schuetzt sich voer seinem eigenen kalten wesen.
&! - "Es bleibt immer etwas hängen" "Ankerzentren" und "Asyltourismus":
Brexit  AfD  refugee  crisis  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  fascism  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  demagogue  populism  rhetoric  feelings  fear  Sociology  Psychology  Zivilgesellschaft  Gesellschaft  empathy  fundamentalism  migration  Anerkennung  human 
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Elon Musk's SpaceX, Boring Company Engineers Aid Thai Caving Crisis
Trapped for almost two weeks since June 23 in Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand, a team of soccer boys have made international headlines. At 2 AM on 6 July 2018, former Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan died while delivering oxygen to the trapped victims. International divers have been involved in the rescue efforts,...

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Elon  Musk’s  SpaceX  Boring  Company  Engineers  Aid  Thai  Caving  Crisis 
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