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26 days ago by bezthomas
As users leave Patreon due to censorship based on political bias, the rabbit hole goes deeper -- Society's Child --
Conservative author Robert Spencer was booted from Patreon last year at the behest of Mastercard. Independent journalist Nick Monroe recently went down the rabbit hole of evidence that Mastercard is engaging in censorship.
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5 weeks ago by Jswindle
Free Markets Don't Create Free People: Bitcoin's Tech Success Masks Its Failure - CoinDesk
A future where every transaction, financial or social, public or private, is irrevocably encoded in a public ledger which is utterly transparent to those in power is the very opposite of a democratic, egalitarian crypto utopia. Rather, it is the reinstatement of the divine right of kings, transposed to an elevated elite class where those with the money, whether they be state actors, central bankers, winner-takes-all libertarians or property-absolutist anarcho-capitalists, have total power over those who do not.
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7 weeks ago by petej

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