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Banish Your Inner Critic v2.0 - Denise Jacobs on Vimeo
How to fight imposter syndrome
But there's good news: you can break the power that Inner Critic wields over you to become a creative powerhouse!
self-improvement  psychology  creativity 
21 hours ago by Rard
Bigger teams aren't always better in science and tech: Analysis of 65 million projects finds smaller teams produce more innovative research -- ScienceDaily
"A new analysis of more than 65 million papers, patents and software projects found that smaller teams produce much more disruptive and innovative research than large teams, which more often develop and consolidate existing knowledge.
"'Big teams are almost always more conservative. The work they produce is like blockbuster sequels; very reactive and low-risk.' said study co-author James Evans, professor of sociology, director of the Knowledge Lab at UChicago and a leading scholar in the quantitative study of how ideas and technologies emerge. 'Bigger teams are always searching the immediate past, always building on yesterday's hits. Whereas the small teams, they do weird stuff -- they're reaching further into the past, and it takes longer for others to understand and appreciate the potential of what they are doing.' ...

""Across papers, patents and software products, disruption dramatically declined with the addition of each additional team member. ...
"The main driver of the difference in disruption between large and small teams appeared to be how each treat the history of their field. Larger teams were more likely to cite more recent, highly cited research in their work, building upon past successes and acknowledging problems already in their field's zeitgeist. By contrast, smaller teams more often cited older, less popular ideas, a deeper and wider information search that creates new directions in science and technology.

"'Small teams and large teams are different in nature,' Wu said. 'Small teams remember forgotten ideas, ask questions and create new directions, whereas large teams chase hotspots and forget less popular ideas, answer questions and stabilize established paradigms.'"
teamwork  innovation  creativity 
yesterday by katherinestevens
Lessons of a Freelance Hand Lettering Artist
How to draw three lowercase and three uppercase letters in a Blackletter
style to get you familiar on how to draw this lettering step by step.
handwriting  creativity 
4 days ago by enslrhs82
Bullseye | Maximum Fun
Pop culture podcast with Jesse Thorn.
podcasts  creativity  onfocus 
6 days ago by pb

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