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Kubernetes Operator Development Guidelines for improved usability
One of the key reasons for Kubernetes’s popularity is its extendibility. Kubernetes Operators extend Kubernetes API to manage third-party software as native Kubernetes objects. Number of Operators…
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22 days ago by vonc
RT : Dear supporters across the . Please join us on Thursday, July 26 at 5pm at the Penny Fa…
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9 weeks ago by unclespeedo
RT : Dear supporters across the . Please join us on Thursday, July 26 at 5pm at the Penny Fa…
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9 weeks ago by unclespeedo
Using a Kubernetes Operator to Manage Tenancy in a B2B SaaS App
At Kolide, we recently launched our Kolide Cloud product, which is a Software-as-a-Service application that aims to help macOS administrators leverage the power of osquery to understand the security…
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9 weeks ago by fakebanana
An Introduction to Extending Kubernetes with CustomResourceDefinitions
Kubernetes provides a rich set of both primitives (e.g. pods) and higher-level constructs (e.g. deployments) you can use to run your workloads. It also has a solid technical foundation, providing an…
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october 2017 by pinterb

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