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Event based java framework for CQRS based services
cqrs  java  framework 
6 days ago by diroussel
& after launch: how to evolve your event store along with your application according to Michie…
EventSourcing  CQRS  from twitter_favs
27 days ago by sandermak
The Hardest Part About Microservices: Your Data – Software Blog
Continuing on with my series about microservices implementations (see “Why Microservices Should Be Event Driven”, “Three things to make your microservices more resilient”, “Carving the Java EE Monolith: Prefer Verticals, not Layers” for background) we’re going to explore probably the hardest problem when creating and developing microservices. Your data. Using Spring Boot/Dropwizard/Docker doesn’t mean you’re doing microservices. Taking a hard look at your domain and your data will he...
microservices  architecture  cqrs 
5 weeks ago by pondidum

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