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WeWork opens combination cafe, retail, coworking space in NYC - Curbed
Made by We, the company’s attempt at a town square, features goods created by members of the WeWork community.
5 days ago by jellis
In Pod-Based Community Living, Rent Is Cheap, But Sex Is Banned - VICE
With the rise of community living and workcations, an alternative might be to just sleep where you cowork.
housing  housing.crisis  communes  rent  coworking  wtf 
8 days ago by po
What if we used parking for… anything else?
parking  cars  sf  humor  activism  coworking 
11 days ago by npdoty
Headquarters | Houston Co-Working Office Suites
Headquarters offers flexible, creative office workspace with the amenities and perks of a corporate office. Get the best of both worlds.
coworking  houston  headquarters  office 
25 days ago by cyberchucktx

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