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Royal Mail unveil classic album cover stamps | The Independent
Led Zeppelin guitar legend, Jimmy Page, today launched the Royal Mail’s much awaited New Year stamp collection featuring ten of the most iconic album covers of the last 40 years.
The cover of Led Zeppelin’s 32 million-selling album, IV, which Page helped create, is one of ten celebrated designs featured in the ‘Classic Album Covers’ collection. Each depicts a famous album cover with a disc coming out of the sleeve and appearing ‘outside’ the stamp.
Other memorable covers which have been immortalised in the range include the racing greyhounds of Blur’s Parklife, the astonishing statues of Pink Floyd’s Division Bell and the bent chromed pipe which graces the cover of Mike Oldfield’s seminal 70s album, Tubular Bells.
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50 facts about Led Zeppelin’s iconic album covers - Planet Rock
As part of our 'Zeptember' celebrations marking Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary, we present 50 facts about Led Zeppelin’s legendary studio album covers.
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Professional Author Services: Book Cover Design and Ebook Formatting
Ebook Launch offers self-publishing services for indie authors, including custom ebook cover design, book cover design, ebook formatting and book formatting
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