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Use of husher during jury selection violates First Amendment (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)
"Reporters Committee and 18 media organizations are arguing that the use of a white noise machine during jury selection violates the First Amendment and that the public should be able to hear juror's responses."
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Courts and ecclesiastical law in England and Wales
Herbert, Mark D. (2005) Ancestral trails: the complete guide to British genealogy and family history.2nd ed. Stroud: History Press. [Chapter 24: records of the civil and ecclesiastical courts, pp. 545...
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Native justice: How tribal values shape Judge Abby’s court - CSMonitor Mar 2019
"When Judge Abinanti joined the Yurok Tribal Court in 2007 it operated like a normal state court, albeit on a much smaller scale. When most Yuroks got into trouble with the law they went to local state courts, and they entered a system designed to be adversarial and punitive. Root causes often went ignored and unaddressed, and recidivism inevitably followed.

Judge Abinanti has taken the court in a different direction: one more communal and rehabilitative. It’s a judicial path followed by other tribes around the country. Personal responsibility and renewal – two pillars of the once nearly extinct Yurok culture – now permeate the court’s functions.

Incarceration has largely been replaced by supervised release combined with Yurok traditions such as dancing and wood carving. Lawyering up for family disputes and child custody battles has been replaced by mediation. Almost every case is resolved through mediation – victims and perpetrators talking with each other – even if it takes years. Tribal courts resemble the growing U.S. restorative justice movement, which emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behavior and getting all stakeholders involved. Judge Abinanti says it just resembles the old Yurok values system."

"The Klamath River has always been at the center of Yurok life, and the tribe – the largest in California with about 5,000 members – is one of the few that still occupies its ancestral land. "

"Among the first laws the state legislature passed was the legalization of the “indenture” of “any Indian.” American Indians were also barred from voting, from giving evidence for or against whites, and from serving on juries. In combination, those laws “amounted to a virtual grant of impunity to those who attacked them,” writes Benjamin Madley, a history professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, in an email."

"Massacres, slavery, and disease reduced California’s native population to about 30,000 within 23 years of statehood. Some tribes lost 95 percent of their population. The Yurok Tribe says three-quarters of its population died in this period, and the tribe faded into obscurity."

"Whether a higher caseload would affect results is unclear. Critics of restorative justice say it’s naive and lacks effective consequences for wrongdoers."
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Washington State Bar Association Faces Possible Extinction
A bill that would diminish or dissolve the Washington State Bar Association carries potentially serious risks, including legal action, if it’s finalized, the group is warning legislators.

Three association governors and the group’s president-elect, Rajeev Majumdar, were to appear before the state Senate Law & Justice Committee on Tuesday to press the case against the legislation which has already cleared the House.

The proposal is “premature, its implications are currently unknown, and its unintended consequences are potentially substantial, irreversible and likely to lead to federal litigation,” the group said in prepared remarks.

The bill reflects an ongoing national conversation about the appropriate role of mandatory bar associations in light the U.S. Supreme Court decision in North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC.

That decision strips anti-trust immunity when boards are populated by working practitioners not under state supervision. Also in play is requiring mandatory membership fees that could impair First Amendment rights, as articulated in the high court in Janus v AFSCME.
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