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Interserve: UK outsourcing giant loses rescue vote - BBC News
Outsourcing giant Interserve has failed to persuade shareholders to approve a rescue plan for the company.

Interserve is expected to go into administration later today, although its contracts are likely to continue as normal and no job cuts are expected.
Carillion  Interserve  Austerity  UK  Privatisation  outsourcing  Council  NHS  G4s  Prison 
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400 care home operators collapse in five years as cuts bite | Society | The Guardian
BDO’s research said care homes, already struggling with debts racked up before the credit crunch, had “suffered as a result of the reduced spending by central government”.

It warned that further pain lay ahead, highlighting research from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services showing that councils had £700m of social care cuts planned in 2018-19, despite growing demand.
UK  Austerity  social  care  adult  sickcare  elderly  demographic  bubble  NHS  Council  Rentnerrepublik 
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Knife crime: Theresa May 'not listening' says ex-police chief - BBC News
Speaking on BBC Radio 4's World at One, Lord Stevens - who was commissioner of the Met between 2000 and 2005 - criticised Mrs May's handling of crime and policing as PM and when she was home secretary.

He said the Home Office had not been listening for the past five or six years.

"All you got from the Home Office, and in particular the home secretary at the time, now the prime minister, was 'our reforms are working'.
UK  knife  crime  Theresa  May  HomeOffice  Austerity  Police  Prison  Council  youth  services 
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Aberdeen council tax to increase by 4.5% - BBC News
Aberdeen's council tax is to increase by 4.5%.

Up to 200 posts could go as part of more than £40m of cuts that were approved following a four-hour meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

However community centre, libraries, school crossing patrollers and public toilets escaped threatened cutbacks.

The Conservative and Labour administration's proposals were backed by 23 votes to 19 over an SNP amendment, with three abstentions. - The local authority needs to close a funding gap of more than £40m.

An annual £30 charge for brown bin collections is being introduced.
UK  Austerity  Council  Aberdeen 
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Interserve lenders line up EY as administrator if shareholder talks fail | Business | The Guardian
Lenders to the outsourcing firm Interserve have lined up EY to manage its administration if they cannot reach agreement with shareholders on the terms of a financial restructuring plan.

The emergence of EY as a potential administrator came as the largest shareholder in the company submitted new proposals, including a £75m rights issue, as a counter-offer to the solution put forward by lenders, which it called “an obscenity”.
Interserve  Carillion  Privatisation  UK  Austerity  Council  NHS  Conservative  Tories 
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Agency tried to charge care homes £2,700 a shift for workers | Society | The Guardian
One of the country’s biggest providers of agency health workers has been accused of “profiteering” after trying to charge care homes up to £2,700 to supply a staff member for a single shift.

The Guardian can reveal that Newcross Healthcare, already exposed for fining workers £50 when they call in sick, quoted the sky-high charges in a price list sent out to homes looking for cover over Christmas.
UK  Privatisation  NHS  Council  elderly  social  care  adult  Austerity  profit  maximisation 
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