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You are thinking about serverless costs all wrong |
"The pay-per-invocation model is new to many, and it’s right that we talk about its potentials. But I can’t help but feel that we are only thinking about it in a limited way – how much money it can save us when our code is not running.

Understanding the true cost of our decisions is complex. With this post/rant I want to make you think about less obvious elements that contribute towards our TCO. Elements that are usually far more significant than the headline number we see in our AWS bill each month. Elements that we, as developers, are not accustomed to think about.

And we haven’t even touched on the idea of FinDev, which was coined by Simon Wardley. The pay-per-invocation model allows cost to be allocated on each user transaction. It gives you true visibility into the return-on-investment (ROI) of different features, and allow businesses to make informed decisions based on that. But that’s another post for another time."
serverless  architecture  costs 
7 days ago by earth2marsh
recursionpharma/ec2prices: Parses the unofficial EC2 price lists into a struct since they are not available via API
Parses the unofficial EC2 price lists into a struct since they are not available via API - recursionpharma/ec2prices
aws  costs  billing  pricing 
9 days ago by phaedrix
CloudHealth/amazon-pricing: A Ruby library for retrieving pricing for Amazon Web Services
A Ruby library for retrieving pricing for Amazon Web Services - CloudHealth/amazon-pricing
aws  costs  pricing  billing 
9 days ago by phaedrix
Creating an AWS Cost and Usage report - AWS Billing and Cost Management
Use the Reports page of the Billing and Cost Management console to create an AWS Cost and Usage report.
aws  billing  costs 
10 days ago by phaedrix

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