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GET 1% BETTER EVERY DAY - The Proven Way to Achieve Your Goals - YouTube
true behavior change is identity change

your outcomes are a lagging measure of habits


every action you take is a vote for the person you want to become
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SlateStarCodex and Caplan on 'Why Are the Prices So D*mn High?' - Marginal REVOLUTION
> In our hyperregulated modern world, the government dictates nearly every aspect of car design, from the size and color of the exterior lighting elements to how sharp the creases stamped into sheet metal can be. (See Jeffrey Tucker for more). And that’s just design regulation. There are also environmental regulations (e.g. ethanol, catalytic converters, CAFE etc.), engine regulations, made in America regulations, not to mention all the regulations on the inputs like steel and coal. The government even regulates how cars can be sold, preventing Tesla from selling direct to the public! When you put all these regulations together it’s not at all obvious that there is more regulation in education than in auto manufacturing. Indeed, since the major increase in regulation since the 1970s has been in environmental regulation, which impacts manufacturing more than services, it seems plausible that regulation has increased more for auto manufacturing.
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