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Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration - The Washington Post
Aides said there is no substantial record of the president’s meetings with the Russian leader even in classified files, but Trump allies say he has a justified fear of leaks. Late Saturday, Trump denied concealing the meetings.
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Kremlin Watch Briefing: Borrowing Russian money has a cost
Good Old Soviet Joke
In the US, you can always find a party.
In Soviet Russia, The Party can always find you!

Following Le Pen’s money
Back in 2014, France’s far-right National Front party – which is led by Marine Le Pen, who was a candidate in the most recent presidential elections – received a €9.4 million loan from the shady First Czech-Russian Bank. The Washington Post now describes how the loan was administered, the current state of its repayment, and the negative consequences facing the National Front.
“Four years later, the bank has gone bust. The owner is facing a warrant for his arrest. Former Russian military officers are demanding money. And the party’s treasurer is sending off some $165,000 every few months to a woman in Moscow, unsure of where the payments ultimately will go.”
The National Front turned to the First Czech-Russian bank after failing to obtain a loan from French banks, which were reluctant to lend money in the aftermath of Nicolas Sarkozy’s illegal campaign funding scandal, and likely also because the National Front had trouble repaying debts in the past (in one case, it even had to sell its headquarters).
But despite ultimately obtaining the loan, the National Front has had only limited political success. Instead, the shady source of the loan dragged the party “into the shadowy underworld of Russian cross-border finance, putting it in league with people accused of having ties to Russian organized crime, money laundering and military operations.”
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