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Five Questions with the team behind THE AREA – Gene Siskel Film Center – Medium
"Thinking about The Area as an example, during testimony in City Hall, an activist noted that the development proposals for “the area” (the targeted property, bounded on the north and south by Garfield Boulevard and on the east and west by Steward Avenue and Wallace Street) identified it as blighted, but the proposals didn’t acknowledge how and *why* it came to be that way. The official documents didn’t explain what the train company and city set into motion years before."

"It clarifies how international economic dynamics combined with structural disadvantage and racism produce the problems that plague the city."

"And the longer we worked on the project, the more my reactions weren’t just that shock of change, but also the erasure of memories."

"I hope each person who sees The Area can reflect in their own way on the communities that made and shaped their own lives, and that they can consider the ways American society did or didn’t allow those communities to thrive, or even to exist."
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Pollogen a company of Lumenis - Pollogen
world’s largest energy-based medical device company
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What are Capitalists Thinking?
I have mixed feelings about this socialism boomlet. It has yet to prove itself politically viable in general elections outside a handful of areas, and by 2021 we could wake up and see that it’s been a disaster for Democrats.

But I understand completely why it’s happening. Given what’s been going on in this country, it couldn’t not have happened. And if you’re a capitalist, you’d better try to understand it, too — and do something to address the very legitimate grievances that propelled it.
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