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coreos/fero: YubiHSM2-backed signing server
YubiHSM2 デバイスと連携した署名サーバー。よさそう。
coreos  security  hardware 
5 weeks ago by summerwind
Fedora CoreOS, Red Hat CoreOS, and the future of Container Linux | CoreOS
Finally, Fedora CoreOS will serve as the community upstream of Red Hat CoreOS. Where Fedora CoreOS will strive to embrace the full range of use cases supported by Container Linux today, Red Hat CoreOS will provide a focused operating system dedicated to enabling deployments of Red Hat OpenShift at scale.
coreos  redhat 
5 weeks ago by euler
Fedora CoreOS, Red Hat CoreOS, and the future of Container Linux | CoreOS
Container Linux は2020年まで継続の予定。Fedora CoreOS にそのまま置き換えはできない見込みと。
coreos  redhat 
8 weeks ago by summerwind
Announcing the Fedora CoreOS community! — Project Atomic
Fedora Atomic Host は終息。Fedora CoreOS に移行。
coreos  redhat 
8 weeks ago by summerwind
How To Use Confd and Etcd to Dynamically Reconfigure Services in CoreOS | DigitalOcean
CoreOS allows you to easily run services in Docker containers across a cluster of machines. The procedure for doing so usually involves starting one or multiple instances of a service and then registering each instance with etcd, CoreOS's distributed key-value store.
CoreOS  CoreOS_etcd  DigitalOcean_Community 
10 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Introducing Operators: Putting Operational Knowledge into Software | CoreOS
A Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is a person that operates an application by writing software. They are an engineer, a developer, who knows how to develop software specifically for a particular application domain. The resulting piece of software has an application's operational domain knowledge programmed into it.

Our team has been busy in the Kubernetes community designing and implementing this concept to reliably create, configure, and manage complex application instances atop Ku...
kubernetes  coreos  kubernetes:operators 
12 weeks ago by ese

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