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Ansible and Weave step by step – Alberto García L. – Medium
This use case will guide you on how to set up a cross-cloud software defined network for containers using Weave Net, Weave Scope and Docker. See requirements. At the end we’ll deploy two containers…
ansible  CoreOS 
9 days ago by Moolicious
Kubernetes Cluster Bootstrap – VirtusLab – Medium
おー、PXE から Matchbox までよくまとまっている。
coreos  linux  kubernetes 
14 days ago by summerwind
Docker Who? By Acquiring CoreOS, Red Hat Aims to Be the Kubernetes Company
“So while this deal clearly changes the playing field for Kubernetes in the developer space, and probably further marginalizes Docker, it may actually not be the kind of “market consolidation” that used to characterize the maturity of a software platform. More likely, it’s the latest step by a major player in the server marketplace to find a way to capitalize on the success of a product that, had it been commercial and proprietary from the start, might have been a gold mine… except that, had it been commercial and proprietary, no one would have ever heard of it.”
m&a  redhat  marketshare  kubernetes  markshare  coreos 
6 weeks ago by cote
News about - it's not going away.
CoreOS  from twitter
6 weeks ago by vielmetti
FAQ: Red Hat to acquire CoreOS
Container Linux の行方がなぁ...。
coreos  redhat 
6 weeks ago by summerwind
CoreOS to join Red Hat to deliver automated operations to all | CoreOS
coreos  redhat 
6 weeks ago by summerwind
Red Hat Acquires CoreOS To Emerge As A Strong Leader In Container Space - by @krishnan
"Today, Red Hat, the open source company focussed on enterprise IT, announced the acquisition of CoreOS, its competitor in the container market (Red Hat press release). This is clearly shaking up the enterprise application platform market and, definitely, the Kubernetes community."
open  source  aws  azure  containers  coreos  developers  google  ibm  kubernetes  linux  openshift  oracle 
6 weeks ago by jonerp
Red Hat tries CoreOS on for size – and buys
‘The elder open source software biz sees the younger firm's technology helping it automate and simplify its OpenShift container app platform, as well as improving its security and application portability in hybrid cloud environments. Red Hat says it will provide more details about how CoreOS products will be handled in the months ahead. It characterizes them as complementary to its own wares, althugh its plans may involve "integrating products and migrating customers to any combined offerings" at some later date.’
m&a  redhat  coreos  exits  cloudnative  kubernetes 
6 weeks ago by cote

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