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Announcing the Authors Alliance Guide to Fair Use for Nonfiction Authors | Authors Alliance
Yet another collective guide to fair use; this time from the Authors Alliance.
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5 days ago by tkbr
13 Sources For Free Public Domain and CC0-Licensed Images – WordPress Tavern
CC0 and Public Domain licensed images are not as easy to find as those that fall under the CC 2.0 license. Nevertheless, I was able to locate 13 high quality sources for finding images that are suitable for inclusion in GPL-licensed works. All of the following sites explicitly state a Public Domain or CC0 license for the images collected.
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5 days ago by foliovision
Author Rights: Using the SPARC Author Addendum
How to use the SPARC Author Addendum

Complete the addendum.
Print a copy of the addendum and attach it to your publishing agreement.
Note in a cover letter to your publisher that you have included an addendum to the agreement.
Mail the addendum with your publishing agreement and a cover letter to your publisher.
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Algorithmic Fair Use by Dan Burk :: SSRN
Design values embedded in algorithms will become embedded in public behavior & consciousness
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