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Plasmonic p–n Junction for Infrared Light to Chemical Energy Conversion - Journal of the American Chemical Society (ACS Publications)
Making hydrogen gas with IR light. Though one wonders where direct conversion with this photocatalyst is better than using a frequency converter intermediary and a different photocatlyst...
japa  hydrogen  production  materials  science  research  technology  IR  cadmium  copper  sulfide  photocatalyst  heterostructure  nanocrystal  surface  plasmon  solar  fuel 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Pancreatic acinar cell regeneration following copper deficiency-induced pancreatic necrosis. - PubMed - NCBI
Copper deficiency causes the pancreas to shrink to 30% in size. Copper supplementation causes it to regenerate.

This may be because of the large amount of endoplasmic reticulum and golgi in the pancreas due to its role in secreting a large number of substances. The ER and golgi are fragmented in cholesterol deficiency and cholesterol metabolism would be definitely inhibited by a copper deficiency.
copper  pancreas  cholesterol  hdl  ldl 
5 weeks ago by cessationoftime
How to FIX a burst pipe with copper wire! | GOT2LEARN - YouTube
How to FIX a burst pipe with copper wire! | GOT2LEARN
How  to  FIX  a  burst  pipe  with  copper  wire!  |  GOT2LEARN 
7 weeks ago by kilroy2
Nutrition effects on pancreas
zinc deficient diet leads to reduced pancreatic secretory volume and bicarbonate by large percentages.
pancreas  nutrition  zinc  selenium  iron  copper  bicarbonate 
7 weeks ago by cessationoftime
how to solder pipe hidden in the wall (Complete - Bing video
How To Solder Copper Pipe Full Tutorial Tricks Of The Trade
106K views5 years ago
YouTubeHow to Plumbing
How  To  Solder  Copper  Pipe  Full  Tutorial  Tricks  Of  The  Trade  hidden  in  wall 
7 weeks ago by kilroy2
Brooklyn Copper Cookware
Elegant, hand-crafted copper cookware designed and manufactured in the USA.
cookware  copper 
8 weeks ago by dialtone
Duparquet Copper Cookware
At Duparquet Copper we hand craft best-in-class copper cookware. We use
traditional methods and tools to create exquisite, American-made cooking
products for clients ranging from home cooks to top-flight chefs.
cookware  copper  frying  sauteing  tin 
8 weeks ago by dialtone
Eco-friendly technique selectively recovers copper from circuit board waste
Tossed circuit boards are about 20% copper, a much larger fraction than the roughly half a percent in copper ore mined from the ground. That percentage, plus the growing mounds of global electronic waste, drives the hunt for effective and green methods for extracting copper from circuit boards.
A new method takes advantage of ball milling, a brute force means of jumpstarting chemical reactions (Environ. Sci. Technol., 2019, DOI:10.1021/acs.est.8b06081). If the simple process can be scaled up, it would be more eco-friendly and efficient than current methods for recovering copper from circuit boards.
Global electronic waste exceeds 40 million tons and is growing at a rate of 3-5% per year. Circuits boards make up 2 million tons of that total. China, one of the largest producers of circuit boards and the major recipient of global electronic waste before the country limited the import of many types of waste in 2018, is struggling under the environmental consequences of this waste. “Improper handling of waste circuit boards has generated serious environmental problems and human health threats in China,” says Huijie Hou, an environmental engineer at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).
China  industrial  discovery  environmental  waste  copper 
9 weeks ago by dchas

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