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Unique Things To Do In London
"We believe every visitor to London should feel like a local. Our fleet of restored classic Mini Coopers and team of passionate local guides are waiting to show you the capital through the eyes of a Londoner. #LiveLikeALocal to discover London’s hidden gems on one of our tailor-made trips of the capital. #FindTheGap to find out about our corporate entertainment experiences, team building events and advertising opportunities across London."
travel  do  tours  mini  cooper  london  uk  england  diigo 
17 days ago by doglord
Laughing all the way to the bonk | Robert MacFarlane
The sap is rising as never before in Jilly Cooper's latest Rutshire romp, Pandora, and we can't get enough of it.
5th  may  2002  robert  macfarlane  observer  book  review  literature  fiction  jilly  cooper 
6 weeks ago by pnjman
Bradley Cooper Is Not Really Into This Profile - The New York Times
In “A Star Is Born,” his directorial debut, Mr. Cooper wrangles with the celebrity industrial complex. So you can imagine how this interview went.
a  star  is  born  bradley  cooper  interview  protect  yourself 
6 weeks ago by mickeykedia
From Lithuania, with love | Ann Cooper
In February 2015, a cryptic email reached me from around the globe and across 28 years. It would pull me back into one of the most extraordinary reporting jobs in my career.
18th  october  2018  roads&kingdoms  ann  cooper  lithuania  ussr  politics  history 
6 weeks ago by pnjman

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