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Start Case Converter -
Start Case Converter
To convert headings and publication titles into the correct form, the start case converter converts each word to uppercase, regardless of function. Commonly title case is used for headlines, but sometimes start case is used, too, as it is easier to implement. Title case capitalizes all words except for articles, prepositions and conjunctions.
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15 hours ago by Mumra2k
Avalanche - Migrate your photo libraries without loosing any data
"Let Avalanche help you transfer your managed photos from one application to another without losing any data, and while preserving all your edits."
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2 days ago by stumax
Convert TXT, RTF, DOC and DOCX files with textutil -
The easiest way to convert a bunch of text files, is to place them all in the same folder, and then use the following command:

textutil -convert (desired file format) (folder path)/*.(current file type)
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18 days ago by MicrowebOrg

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