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SCUF Vantage Controller
Get the SCUF Vantage Controller, a PlayStation gaming controller, from the official PlayStation website. Explore the key features of the SCUF Vantage Controller and order it now.
gaming  ps4  hardware  controller  input 
5 days ago by emory
Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller for Apple TV and More | SteelSeries

Play hundreds of your favorite controller-supported games with the new Nimbus Wireless Controller on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Mac.
gaming  hardware  iOS  apple  appletv  mac  Controller  Gamepad 
5 days ago by ldom
Vixen is software for do-it-yourself lighting automation displays. Most popular at Christmas, computer-controlled displays are becoming increasingly popular for other holidays as well. With a PC and some hardware, anyone can have a professional-looking lighting display synchronized to music.

Vixen is geared primarily toward the DIYer.
lighting  christmas  controller  diy  opensource  windows 
16 days ago by cyberchucktx

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