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mediact/dependency-guard - Packagist
MediaCT Dependency Guard is a static code analyzer that determines whether your package is depending on code that is installed as a side-effect of your developer and / or test environment.
code_quality  continuous_integration  tools  PHP  to_try 
20 days ago by archangel
Launch a CI service in 100 lines of Clojure
This is where I share some of the things I happen to find interesting or helpful otherwise
ci  continuous_integration  clojure  kubernetes 
9 weeks ago by mac
Git/Reviewers - MediaWiki
This is a page where people can register to be automatically added as reviewer to newly opened changes in Gerrit depending on specific conditions. After registering here, reviewer-bot will add you as reviewer to every change that matches the project and file filter.
mediawiki  continuous_integration  gerrit  @wikimedia  automation  version_control 
9 weeks ago by archangel
Plumbing the Jenkins Pipeline - Automating the Creation of Release Pull Requests in Galleon.PH | Engineering @ Galleon.PH
Due to the number of steps needed to prepare a release, our current release process in Galleon takes a while and is prone to human errors. Streamlining the release process by automating some of the steps would drastically improve the release workflow.
Jenkins  Continuous_Deployment  Continuous_Integration 
11 weeks ago by GameGamer43

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