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RT : 👋 Are you a user of on ?

📍There's now a public roadmap for container services (fargate,…
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yesterday by rjw1
👋 Are you a user of on ?

📍There's now a public roadmap for container services (fargate,…
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yesterday by chetan
Uber’s Fast, Reliable Docker Image Builder for Apache Mesos and Kubernetes.
we built our own image building tool, Makisu, a solution that allows for more flexible, faster container image building at scale. Specifically, Makisu:

requires no elevated privileges, making the build process portable.

uses a distributed layer cache to improve performance across a build cluster.

provides flexible layer generation, preventing unnecessary files in images.

is Docker-compatible, supporting multi-stage builds and common build commands.
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2 days ago by jm
5 things to watch out for when running on Kubernetes
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3 days ago by zen4ever
The real 'winner' in the vs. (vs. VM vs. bare metal) battle is really us, the customer. And…
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4 days ago by e30chris
An 8-minute introduction to K8S – ProdOpsIO – Medium
So without further ado, let’s do it; k8s intro in 11 steps:
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8 days ago by whip_lash

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