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Amazon EC2 Container system with Ruby on Rails [PART-1]
This tutorial is meant for people who want to launch a RoR application using AWS container system and rest of its infrastructure. In the first part of this series, I'm going to focus on how to deploy…
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yesterday by pferdefleisch
Some docker examples |
<code class="language-bash">docker commit --message="Snapshot of my container" my_container my_container_snapshot:yymmdd</code>
docker  container  sysadmin  webdevel  solution 
4 days ago by kme
Succinct: A tiny jQuery plugin for truncating multiple lines of text
Truncate text inside a container with ellipsis - awesome plugin!!! | Text in einem Container nach einer gewissen Anzahl von Buchstaben abschneiden;
webdesign  sqs  plugins  javascript  jquery  text  truncate  ellipsis  container 
5 days ago by spitonastranger
Serverless with Spring Cloud, riff, and Knative
Serverless with Spring Cloud, riff, and Knative
Monday, September 24, 2018 // 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm // Chesapeake D-F
Join this session to learn how to build serverless functions with Spring Cloud Function and deploy/orchestrate them using riff running on Google Cloud Platform. In addition to providing the ability to deploy functions, riff can also deploy and run any containerized application. Riff is now running on top of the Knative platform, which means that it can automatically scale out the number of instances based on load, and scale to 0 instances when no one is using the application or function.
java  serverless  container  scalability 
6 days ago by janpeuker
Secrets in Serverless | Seth Vargo
Instead of injecting the plaintext environment variable values, inject the ciphertext encrypted values into the environment when launching the cloud or lambda function, along with the service account which has permissions to decrypt those values.
security  serverless  container 
7 days ago by janpeuker
iptables sometimes works inside container, sometimes not - docker 0.8.1 · Issue #4424 · moby/moby
In short, you need to use --cap-add=NET_ADMIN when you launch a Docker Image to be able to enable tools such as the ufw tool in say a Docker image running the Ubuntu . 16.04 image, for example.
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8 days ago by racl101

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