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Using InitContainers to pre-populate Volume data in Kubernetes
The InitContainer resource in Kubernetes can be used to run tasks before the rest of a pod is deployed. A common use-case is to pre-populate config files (one notable example is for providing a…
kubernetes  container  initialization  article  important 
yesterday by vonc
The Open Home Lab Stack – Hacker Noon
This is an article I’ve put together to create an Open source Home Network stack using various technologies which are mostly free however all have paid subscriptions as well. Before I start with this…
network  nas  homelab  container  diy  links  open  opensource  server  software  servers 
2 days ago by nununo
The DevSlop Project - The hacker jungle gym built on DevOps disasters
> Modern applications often use APIs, microservices and containerization to deliver faster and better products and services. There has been a massive migration away from monolithic web applications to this new, highly scalable architecture. However, there are currently few training grounds for security testing in these areas. In comes DevSlop, OWASP's newest project, a collection of DevOps-driven applications, specifically designed to showcase security catastrophes and vulnerabilities for use in...
devops  security  container  microservice  api 
2 days ago by floehopper
As Kubernetes grows, a startup ecosystem develops in its wake | TechCrunch
For starters you need the big corporates to get behind it. In the case of Kuberentes, in a 6 week period last year in quick succession between July and the beginning of September, we saw some of the best known enterprise technology companies including AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware and Pivotal all join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the professional organization behind the open source project. This was a signal that Kubernetes was becoming a standard of sorts for container orchestration.
trend  kubernetes  cloud  containers  container 
3 days ago by euler
Google Cloud Platform Blog: Introducing Asylo: an open-source framework for confidential computing
Asylo is an open-source framework and SDK for developing applications that run in trusted execution environments (TEEs). TEEs help defend against attacks targeting underlying layers of the stack, including the operating system, hypervisor, drivers, and firmware, by providing specialized execution environments known as “enclaves”. TEEs can also help mitigate the risk of being compromised by a malicious insider or an unauthorized third-party. Asylo includes features and services for encrypting sensitive communications and verifying the integrity of code running in enclaves, which help protect data and applications.
FOSS  cloud  container  Security  enclave  sandbox 
3 days ago by euler
VisualOps offers an intuitive and integrated approach to cloud application development and maintenance. Unlike traditional DevOps tools VisualOps incorporates a visual approach to streamline the process from design to automation, whilst ensuring that your app will always run exactly as you design it.
visualops  devops  aws  container  docker  mesos  sysadmin  configuration  automation  cloud  visual  service 
3 days ago by vicchow
Use Disk Utility to Partition Drives and Create APFS Containers | Other World Computing Blog
With the advent of APFS (Apple File System) with macOS High Sierra, Disk Utility acquired some additional capabilities that allow it to work with APFS and its support for containers.
howto  filesystem  reference  container  apfs 
3 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
Securing Kubernetes Clusters with Notary & TUF
Admission Webhook で利用可能なイメージを制御すると。これはいいなぁ。
kubernetes  security  container 
4 days ago by summerwind

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