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skysider/pwndocker: A docker environment for pwn in ctf
ctf docker container with all the tool you'll need
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yesterday by breyguhn
ZEIT – Serverless Docker Beta
1. Focus on Code, Not Infrastructure
Serverless enables engineers to focus on code rather than managing servers, VMs, registries, clusters, load balancers, availability zones, and so on.
This, in turn, allows you to define your engineering workflow solely around source control and its associated tools (like pull requests). Our recent GitHub integration, therefore, makes it possible to deploy a Docker container in the cloud solely by creating a Dockerfile.
It is not sufficient to ignore that the infrastructure is there, or forget about it. The execution model must make it so that manual intervention, inspection, replication, and monitoring or alert-based uptime assurance is completely unnecessary, which takes us to our next two points.
What Are the Benefits?
When we deployed the examples above, we didn't have to deal with:
Clusters or federations of clusters
Build nodes or build farms
Container registries and authentication
Container image storage, garbage collection and distributed caching
2. Deployments Should Self-Heal
A very common category of failure of software applications is associated with failures that occur after programs get into states that the developers didn't anticipate, usually arising after many cycles.
In other words, programs can fail unexpectedly from accumulating state over a long lifespan of operation. Perhaps the most common example of this is a memory leak: the unanticipated growth of irreclaimable memory that ultimately concludes in a faulty application.
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yesterday by janpeuker
Meltdown strikes back: the L1 terminal fault vulnerability []
As an aside, it's worth pointing out an interesting implication of this vulnerability. Virtualization is generally seen as being more secure than containers due to the extra level of isolation used. But, as we see here, virtualization also requires an extra level of processor complexity that can be the source of security problems in its own right. Systems running container workloads will be only lightly affected by L1TF, while those running virtualization will pay a heavy cost.

Kernel settings
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yesterday by janpeuker
Harbor: Manage and serve container images in a secure environment
Harbor is an open source cloud native registry that stores, signs, and scans container images for vulnerabilities.

Harbor solves common challenges by delivering trust, compliance, performance, and interoperability.
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yesterday by bsantanna
VMware® Open Source Software
Building Open Source for Everyone
Collaboration, community, and curiosity - essential ingredients to a vibrant open source community and part of VMware's culture. VMware's developers participate in a wide variety of open source projects through technical contributions, community leadership, and project innovation. This page highlights a few of the open source projects created and released by our engineers.
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yesterday by bsantanna

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