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Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
kubernetes  virtualization  container  orchestration 
2 days ago by brunsnik
Journey to Deep Learning: Nvidia GPU passthrough to LXC Container
Journey to Deep Learning: Nvidia GPU passthrough to LXC Container
Journey  to  Deep  Learning:  Nvidia  GPU  passthrough  LXC  Container 
2 days ago by kilroy2
CNAB: Cloud Native Application Bundles
A spec for packaging distributed apps. CNABs facilitate the bundling, installing and managing of container-native apps — and their coupled services.
cnab  cloud  application  bundle  package  packaging  container 
4 days ago by vicchow
CNAB: Cloud Native Application Bundles
Docker コンテナをより抽象度をあげて扱うイメージだな。やっぱ Deis 系の流れなんだね。
cnab  container  docker 
4 days ago by summerwind

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