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How to Make a Proper Proof Sheet
Proof sheets get no respect. Many photographers, intent on producing the highest-quality black-and-white or color prints possible, spend hours fussing around in their darkrooms -- aligning enlargers, polishing lenses, cleaning condensers, calibrating analyzers, testing new developers, and fine-tuning their processing techniques. But they'll pay scant attention to one of the most valuable pieces of darkroom "equipment" of all...the lowly proof sheet.
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november 2011 by cjlacz
The Art Of The Contact Sheet - The Picture Show Blog : NPR
Those beautiful magazine portraits of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are usually accepted at face value. But the perfect cover photo is usually the product of much trial and error; it's one of dozens of frames (or hundreds, if we're talking digital) -- and just might even be an accident.
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november 2009 by bwiese

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