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Network Analysis of Conspiracy Theories and Pseudosciences (PDF Download Available)
The largest of the 113 topics are “crystal healing–sacred geometry” (1,304 titles; only the
alphabetically first and last categories are shown), “akashic records–universal intelligence”
(1,287), “astrology” (658), “antichrist–trilateral commission” (634), “9/11–yamashita gold”
(565), “feng shui” (464), and “blue planet project–zero point energy” (458). In addition to
books, some titles refer to essential material items, such as gongs, crystals, and pills. (We did
not include toys, bumper stickers...
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february 2018 by max_read
Fox News Is Gaslighting Their Viewers Into Authoritarianism
In a crisis, rules are allowed to be broken and norms suspended. And it’s Fox’s job to manufacture those crises for the GOP. Sean Hannity of Fox News (AP) W hen…
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february 2018 by geekzter
Fox News hosts ramp up ‘deep state’ conspiracies
Fox News opinion hosts, like Sean Hannity, have seized on claims by some GOP lawmakers about a “secret society” at the FBI and “deep state actors” to fashion…
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january 2018 by geekzter
Sean Hannity has become the media’s top conspiracy theorist - Vox
A few days ago, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was accused of assaulting four underage girls decades ago, including a 14-year-old girl when he was 32.…
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november 2017 by geekzter
A Murder Foretold | The New Yorker
"As Don DeLillo has written, “A conspiracy is everything that ordinary life is not. It’s the inside game, cold, sure, undistracted, forever closed off to us. We are the flawed ones, the innocents, trying to make some rough sense of the daily jostle. Conspirators have a logic and a daring beyond our reach. All conspiracies are the same taut story of men who find coherence in some criminal act.”"
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september 2017 by sterilisedeye

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