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Keeping CALM: when distributed consistency is easy | the morning paper
When it comes to high performing scalable distributed systems, coordination is a killer. It’s the dominant term in the Universal Scalability Law. When we can avoid or reduce the need for coordination things tend to get simpler and faster.
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CockroachDB's Consistency Model | Cockroach Labs
CockroachDB's Consistency Model fits somewhere between serializability and linerarizability. We're proposing a new marketing phrase for CRDB's guarantees: no stale reads.
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Ten minutes a day – Alex Allain – Medium
> In early 2012, I published Jumping into C++. According to the calendar, I wrote the book between January 2010 and January 2012, but it took me less than 200 hours of work. I know this because for most of the time I worked on the book, I kept careful track of my time spent. Between 1/4/2010 and 9/29/2011 (when I stopped keeping track), I’d worked on the book for almost exactly 156 hours and written over 70,000 words.

> How, exactly, did I manage to write a book in this short a time? I had one simple rule: I had to work on the book for just ten minutes, every day, no excuses. Ever.
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