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Understanding the Stellar Consensus Protocol – Interstellar – Medium
The Stellar Consensus Protocol was first described in a whitepaper by David Mazières in 2015. It is a “federated Byzantine agreement system” that allows decentralized, leaderless computing networks…
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7 days ago by geetarista
Loomio - Make decisions without meetings
Loomio helps groups of people make decisions together, online
bottomup  decentralized  leadership  tool  meeting  consensus  decisionmaking 
9 days ago by lgtout
Paxosmon: Gotta Consensus Them All - VADOSWARE
tl;dr - I go through a (near complete?) selection of research papers and approaches therein that solve distributed consensus with strong consistency as provided by the Paxos family of algorithms.
algorithms  consensus  distributedsystems  paxos  primer  learning 
10 days ago by lidel

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