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Access and inclusion - Ofcom
Communications services are increasingly essential for citizens and consumers. People in vulnerable circumstances may particularly depend on certain communications services, for example if they cannot easily leave their homes because of disability or illness.

In this report, we present a range of data on the availability, take-up, use and affordability of communications services. This helps us understand how well the communications sector is meeting the needs of consumers whose circumstances make them vulnerable.
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5 days ago by dancall
TikTok’s quietly launched ‘Lite’ app has reached over 12 million downloads since August | TechCrunch
Short-form video app TikTok has been growing in popularity across international markets, including in the U.S. where a merger with has seen the app topping the App Store charts. Facebook and Snapchat have been hastily trying to copy TikTok’s features as a result. A part of TikTok’s ambitious global expansion plan has been its more recent targeting of emerging markets — like India and Indonesia — where the company’s quietly launched “TikTok Lite” app has been gaining ground in the latter half of 2018.
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6 days ago by dancall
Mosh: the mobile shell
Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo. Like SSH secure shell, but allows mobility and more responsive and robust.
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10 days ago by lgtout
AT&T, Verizon showcase 5G future at CES | Mobile Marketer
5G will bring enhanced capabilities to the mobile world and represents a new battlefield for mobile providers as the technology rolls out over the next year. The speed and strength with which Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile pushed back on AT&T's claims about its 5G capabilities demonstrates the priority that 5G holds in their plans for 2019 and beyond.

The advertising and marketing applications for 5G will be numerous, especially with the improvement in video download speeds that reduce the possibility that mobile users will get frustrated with slow service. Prolonged download times are a major reason that some mobile users install ad blocking software on their phones or simply give up on trying to browse mobile websites.
5g  mobile  advertising  ces  future  connectivity 
12 days ago by dancall
nsacyber/HTTP-Connectivity-Tester: Aids in discovering HTTP and HTTPS connectivity issues. #nsacyber
Odd little tool, trying to detect connectivity, but perhaps it's for testing exfil via cooperating external CDN?
HTTP  HTTPS  external  connectivity  test  check  tools  utilities  networking  sysadmin 
13 days ago by asteroza
Let’s get ready for 5G | Mobile Marketing Magazine
The main benefit 5G brings is speed, with standalone 5G networks expected to achieve browsing speeds over 1 gigabit, compared with 45Mbps on the fastest 4G networks today. To put that in context it takes over seven minutes to download a full HD film over 4G today, whereas it will take less than 40 seconds on 5G.
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18 days ago by dancall
Catch up on recent and research with our round-up of publications that came out in December…
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19 days ago by ebuchholtz

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