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AT&T, Time Warner, and the Need for Neutrality – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Thus we are in the unfortunate scenario where a bad case by the government has led to, at best, a merger that was never examined for its truly anti-competitive elements, and at worst, bad law that will open the door for similar tie-ups. To be sure, it is not at all clear that the government would have won had they focused on zero rating: there is an obvious consumer benefit to the concept — that is why T-Mobile leveraged it to such great effect! — and the burden would have been on the government to show that the harm was greater.
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2 days ago by dancall
Pew Research: Social Media Use Continues to Rise in Developing Countries
A new Pew Research study finds that Internet and smartphone use are on the rise globally, with social media use in developing markets quickly approaching those of more developed countries. In fact, Pew's research found that "among people who use the internet, those in developing countries often turn out to be more likely than their counterparts in advanced economies to network via platforms like Facebook and Twitter." However, large gaps remain in terms of gender (men more likely than women to access the Internet), income, and age.

Other highlights: "There has been a steady increase in internet use over the past five years among the 19 emerging and developing economies surveyed. Between 2013 and 2014, a median of 42% across these countries said they accessed the internet at least occasionally or owned a smartphone. By 2017, a median of 64% were online...A similar story is seen in smartphone use. In 2013-14, about a quarter of people in emerging and developing economies reported owning a smartphone, i.e., a mobile phone that can access the internet and apps. By 2017, that share had risen to 42%...Despite growing internet use and smartphone ownership, the world remains digitally divided. It is still the case, for example, that people in wealthier countries have higher rates of internet use and smartphone ownership. However, among people who use the internet, those in developing countries often turn out to be more likely than their counterparts in advanced economies to network via platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Within countries, too, digital divides persist. Age, education, income and in some cases gender still differentiate who uses the internet and who does not, who is active on social media and who is inactive."

Access the full report (pdf) here.
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2 days ago by dmcdev
Google says over 8 million people use its free WiFi service at railway stations in India | TechCrunch
Back in 2015, Google launched an initiative to bring free WiFi to India’s railway stations and today the U.S. tech giant announced that the program has passed its target of reaching 400 stations, attracting a base of eight million users in the process.

The milestone was hit today when Dibrugarh station in northeastern state Assam went online.

Google gave some insight into the scale of the program’s reach when it revealed that over eight million people use the railway-based WiFi each month. On average, the firm said, users consume 350MB in data per session with half going online via the WiFi program at least twice per day.
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4 days ago by dancall
Simulating Poor Network Connectivity on Mac OSX
Loading resources from multiple sources? Here's how to slow them down individually in order to test how your app will behave.
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5 days ago by jbkcc
Netflix and Alphabet will need to become ISPs, fast | TechCrunch
The combination of these two stories is spooking every video on demand service, from YouTube to Netflix . If Comcast bids and is successful in buying 21st Century Fox, then connectivity in the United States will be made up of a handful of gigantic content library ISPs, and a few software players that will have to pay a premium to deliver their content to their own subscribers. While companies like Netflix and Alphabet have negotiated with the ISPs for years, the combination of these two news stories puts them in a significantly weaker negotiating position going forward.

While consumers still have some level of power — ultimately, ISPs want to deliver the content that their consumers want — a slow degrading of the experience for YouTube or Netflix could be enough to move consumers to “preferred” content. Some have even called this the start of the “cable-ification” of the internet. AT&T, for instance, has wasted no time in creating prioritized fast lanes.
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8 days ago by dancall
AT&T's 5G Push To Power Tomorrow's Smart Cities |
The 5G future is, of course, still a few years into the future — most experts predict it won’t be widely available for consumer use anywhere until 2020 the earliest. When it is ready, though, Coursey says life in the city will forever change, hopefully for the better. Connected by IoT, the vision is for cities with smoother transportation, a cleaner environment and more safety for everyone. And though it might sound a bit optimistic, bordering on utopian, AT&T isn’t thinking about building a science fiction, fantasy future, but practical and concrete changes that can be enabled when 5G is online.
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15 days ago by dancall
St Louis to tweak walking, bicycling access to Tower Grove Park |
Improving pedestrian and bicycle access to Tower Grove Park, St. Louis' second-largest, is the focus of a $1.2-million project expected to get underway about a year from now.

The work aims at making it more safe to cross the four major thoroughfares bordering the South Side mainstay: Kingshighway, Arsenal Street, South Grand Boulevard and Magnolia Avenue.

A preliminary design from the H.R. Green consulting firm proposes improvements to 19 of 26 intersections around the park, each leading to sidewalks and paths.

Among other things, the design calls for creating bumpouts, which shorten crossing distances by extending sidewalks past the curb at crosswalks.

Bus stops will be revamped and relocated. And more crosswalks are to be painted with wide stripes to increase visibility, such as the connections across Arsenal and Magnolia to the park's main north-south road, Center Cross Drive.

MoBikeFed comment: Tower Grove Park is a popular destination and a popular place to walk, run and bicycle. But the bicycle/pedestrian connections from adjoining neighborhoods have long been a problem identified by local neighorhood leaders and residents.

This project should make a real improvement in the situation, bringing greater safety and connectivity to the many area residents who walk and bicycle.
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15 days ago by mobikefed

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