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How do we preserve for carnivores in exurban landscapes? I'll share my take at 4PM in the Carnivore E…
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RT : I am supporting the of through social media if you are an interested…
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Alphabet says its Loon balloons could beam internet to more people than before - CNET
The project, called Loon, would send giant, high-flying balloons into the stratosphere to deliver LTE signals to the ground. On Tuesday, Loon said it sent a signal farther than it has before: 1,000 kilometers, or more than 621 miles, across seven balloons.

The feat means the balloons can create a web of internet connectivity spread across multiple balloons. The wider the signal, the more people can be connected from the ground without having to install wireless infrastructure, such as cell towers.
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4 weeks ago by lavallee
Apple introduces the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max | TechCrunch
Put plainly, dual-SIM support allows a user to have two phone numbers on a single phone, like a domestic phone number and an international carrier.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
Pursuing and between and in meetings in Naypyitaw with Ministers for Ele…
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5 weeks ago by schee
Google’s Loon to supply broadband over East Africa |
Project Loon, the Google-backed high-flying balloon, is in discussions with the governments of Kenya and Uganda to supply WiFi connectivity over the countries.
The Loon concept, now a stand-alone business, uses balloons which fly in the stratosphere and which beam 4G LTE signals in order to bring internet services to people in extremely remote locations.
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6 weeks ago by dancall
Study: YouTube, Netflix videos slowed by wireless carriers | Mobile Marketer
Mobile video content have been intentionally slowed down by the biggest U.S. telecom companies, according to a study from Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. YouTube is the top target for "throttling," while data from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the NBC Sports app also have been slowed, the study cited by Bloomberg found.
The researchers developed a mobile app called Wehe that about 100,000 consumers downloaded to monitor their smartphone data. From January through May, the app performed 500,000 tests among more than 2,000 service providers in 161 countries to find patterns of "differentiation," when one type of network traffic is treated differently than other kinds of traffic.
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6 weeks ago by dancall
New infographic by the IUCN Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group! Going to hang it in my office…
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6 weeks ago by ebuchholtz
Leak reveals a new Apple Watch Series 4 with an edge-to-edge display | TechCrunch
In addition to a leak showing off photos of the new iPhone XS models, 9to5Mac also got a hold of a photo of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4. The new Watch, which now sports an edge-to-edge display, is expected to be revealed on September 12, at the just-announced Apple press conference, along with the iPhone XS.

The photos of the forthcoming Apple Watch (which 9to5Mac notes are “not a render”) show off a watch that’s clearly different from the existing editions. The display now stretches to the edge of the watch face, confirming earlier rumors that said Apple was planning to give the Apple Watch its first big redesign since its launch in 2015.
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6 weeks ago by dancall

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