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درس 11 》آموزش زبان فرانسه در ۵۰ روز 》مکالمه – تلفظ – گرامر – نگارش《 7PlayStudio
<a rel="nofollow" href="">درس 11 》آموزش زبان فرانسه در ۵۰ روز 》مکالمه – تلفظ – گرامر – نگارش《 7PlayStudio</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">درس 11 》آموزش زبان فرانسه در ۵۰ روز 》مکالمه – تلفظ – گرامر – نگارش《 7PlayStudio</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">درس 11 》آموزش زبان فرانسه در ۵۰ روز 》مکالمه – تلفظ – گرامر – نگارش《 7PlayStudio</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>
<p>درس 11 》آموزش زبان فرانسه در ۵۰ روز 》مکالمه – تلفظ – گرامر – نگارش《 7PlayStudio 🇫🇷🇮🇷🇫🇷🇮🇷🇫🇷🇮🇷🇫🇷🇮🇷🇫🇷🇮🇷 مبتکر و سازنده آموزش ویدئویی زبان فرانسوی در ۵۰ روز ☆پنجاه درس یک ساعته ▪مکالمه ▪تلفظ ▪گرامر ▪نگارش ☆ از مقدماتی تا پیشرفته ☆ جدیدترین متد آموزش روز دنیا ☆ ● بخش اول ( مقدماتی ) : ۳۰ […]</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">درس 11 》آموزش زبان فرانسه در ۵۰ روز 》مکالمه – تلفظ – گرامر – نگارش《 7PlayStudio</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>.</p><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
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11 days ago by snapeplus
What Online Chess Taught One Teen About Digital Life | Hannah Duane [WIRED]
Relieved of social pressure, a mobile game still provided a sense of connection. What's fascinating is that the desire is for connection, to be on the connection spectrum, not necessarily to have a certain quality of connection.

See this quote:
Chess Time felt like a loophole, an oasis in that ecosystem. It gives me a feeling of connection. There's no phony expectation. It's impossible to be fake if you're just playing a game.

But then, that's in contrast (juxtaposition?) with her desire to be detached from her phone:
Attachment to my phone makes me feel like a pale, slimy larvae of a human. So I haven't let myself have any phone games. I worry I'll only end up wasting time, wasting my life. I lie to my friends, saying I don't enjoy the games. It's weird growing up in the 2010s, where self-control means avoiding social media. But this time the social media was chess—nerdy, brainy chess. People like me are supposed to be good at it.

The contrast between the two is striking - is Chess Time simply the right thing for her? And so it's scratched an itch? Or is the search for connection so ill-defined today that the center doesn't hold and the formulation falls apart?
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4 weeks ago by mtimms
Thunderbolt 3 adapter guide: How to connect your devices | Macworld
The new MacBook Pro has Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. Here's what you need to be able to use the gear you already have.
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4 weeks ago by morwyn
Don’t use Go’s default HTTP client (in production) – Nathan Smith – Medium
Writing Go programs that talk to services over HTTP is easy and fun. I’ve written numerous API client packages and I find it an enjoyable task. However, I have run into a pitfall that is easy to fall…
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5 weeks ago by pinterb
Python macOS
Get started with SQL Server on macOS, Linux, and Windows.
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6 weeks ago by riemino
How to make friends, build a community, and create the life you want — Quartz
“Did I devote enough time to my family? Did I learn enough new things? Did I develop new friendships and deepen old ones? These would have been laughable to me when I was 25, but as I get older, they are much more meaningful.”

This was community. And what I would come to learn, slowly, is that community is about a series of small choices and everyday actions: how to spend a Saturday, what to do when a neighbor falls ill, how to make time when there is none. Knowing others and being known; investing in somewhere instead of trying to be everywhere. Communities are built, like Legos, one brick at a time. There’s no hack.

In 2010, Holt-Lunstad published research showing that people who had weaker social ties had a 50% increased likelihood of dying early than those with stronger ones. Being disconnected, she showed, posed danger comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and was more predictive of early death than the effects of air pollution or physical inactivity.

“The problem isn’t ‘are you socially isolated,’ ie, you have no social contact. The question is, are you experiencing social poverty, inadequate social support?”

What does help lonely people is to educate them about how our brains can turn in on ourselves, causing us to retreat into self-preservation mode and be on high alert for social threats. This naturally makes people engage less and feel even more lonely, creating a vicious cycle.

It’s also necessary to give to others, so that they will in turn give to us

a large group of Germans who said they were committed to trying to become happier. The twist was that some pursued self-improvement goals such as getting a new job or making more money, while others tried spending more time with friends and family. A year later, she found those who focused on connecting more with others were happier than those who pursued self-improvement.

But through the fog of grief, and over time, I took what I learned from my brother and started to build what I needed. When I returned to London after his funeral, I leaned on one friend. I retreated into my family. I took up piano, and in my piano teacher, I found a gentle soul whose priorities seemed so clear that I could start to remake my own. The power of quiet. The reward of learning. The catharsis of music and solitude. My pain unfolded, but not quite so aggressively.

We moved into a new house, and I introduced myself to my neighbors. I decided to act as if we were staying there forever, even though I had no idea how long we were staying. I could no longer afford to always be looking ahead to the next place, or job, or project.

I used to think that community was as simple as having friends who bring a lasagna when things fall apart and champagne when things go well. Who pick up your kids from school when you can’t. But I think community is also an insurance policy against life’s cruelty; a kind of immunity against loss and disappointment and rage. My community will be here for my family if I cannot be. And if I die, my kids will be surrounded people who know and love them, quirks and warts and oddities and all.

In future-proofing my life, I have made every day richer. A problem shared is a problem halved, my kids were taught at school. Communities do that too. I arrived in my version of the soulless suburbs, and it turns out they are not soulless at all.
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8 weeks ago by emmacarlson
Rebecca Solnit: When the Hero is the Problem | Literary Hub
"Positive social change results mostly from connecting more deeply to the people around you than rising above them, from coordinated rather than solo action. Among the virtues that matter are those traditionally considered feminine rather than masculine, more nerd than jock: listening, respect, patience, negotiation, strategic planning, storytelling. But we like our lone and exceptional heroes, and the drama of violence and virtue of muscle, or at least that’s what we get, over and over, and in the course of getting them we don’t get much of a picture of how change happens and what our role in it might be, or how ordinary people matter. “Unhappy the land that needs heroes” is a line of Bertold Brecht’s I’ve gone to dozens of times, but now I’m more inclined to think, pity the land that thinks it needs a hero, or doesn’t know it has lots and what they look like."

"William James said of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, “Surely the cutting edge of all our usual misfortunes comes from their character of loneliness.” That is, if I lose my home, I’m cast out among those who remain comfortable, but if we all lose our homes in the earthquake, we’re in this together. One of my favorite sentences from a 1906 survivor is this: “Then when the dynamite explosions were making the night noisy and keeping everybody awake and anxious, the girls or some of the refugees would start playing the piano, and Billy Delaney and other folks would start singing; so that the place became quite homey and sociable, considering it was on the sidewalk, outside the high school, and the town all around it was on fire.”

I don’t know what Billy Delaney or the girls sang, or what stories the oat gatherers Le Guin writes about might have told. But I do have a metaphor, which is itself a kind of carrier bag and metaphor literally means to carry something beyond, carrying being the basic thing language does, language being great nets we weave to hold meaning. Jonathan Jones, an indigenous Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi Australian artist, has an installation—a great infinity-loop figure eight of feathered objects on a curving wall in the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art in Brisbane that mimics a murmuration, one of those great flocks of birds in flight that seems to swell and contract and shift as the myriad individual creatures climb and bank and turn together, not crashing into each other, not drifting apart.

From a distance Jones’s objects look like birds; up close they are traditional tools of stick and stone with feathers attached, tools of making taking flight. The feathers were given to him by hundreds who responded to the call he put out, a murmuration of gatherers. “I’m interested in this idea of collective thinking,” he told a journalist. “How the formation of really beautiful patterns and arrangements in the sky can help us potentially start to understand how we exist in this country, how we operate together, how we can all call ourselves Australians. That we all have our own little ideas which can somehow come together to make something bigger.”

What are human murmurations, I wondered? They are, speaking of choruses, in Horton Hears a Who, the tiny Whos of Whoville, who find that if every last one of them raises their voice, they become loud enough to save their home. They are a million and a half young people across the globe on March 15 protesting climate change, coalitions led by Native people holding back fossil fuel pipelines across Canada, the lawyers and others who converged on airports all over the US on January 29, 2017, to protest the Muslim ban.

They are the hundreds who turned out in Victoria, BC, to protect a mosque there during Friday prayers the week after the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. My cousin Jessica was one of them, and she wrote about how deeply moving it was for her, “At the end, when prayers were over, and the mosque was emptying onto the street, if felt like a wedding, a celebration of love and joy. We all shook hands and hugged and spoke kindly to each other—Muslim, Jew, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, atheist…” We don’t have enough art to make us see and prize these human murmurations even when they are all around us, even when they are doing the most important work on earth."
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