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EditorConfig is a file format and collection of text editor plugins for maintaining consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs.
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3 days ago by omen
Eric Williams - Conditional Includes For Git Config
Setting conditional git configuration for personal and work stuff.
git  configuration 
5 days ago by look
Welcome to Fabric! — Fabric documentation
«Fabric is a high level Python (2.7, 3.4+) library designed to execute shell commands remotely over SSH, yielding useful Python objects in return»
warelogging  python  configuration  ssh  wikimedia 
6 days ago by brennen
icinga2/icinga2web create a hostgroup - Server Fault
icinga2 object list
# this will show all objects from your configs

icinga2 object list --type=host
# this will show all Host objects from your configs

icinga2 object list --type=host
# this will show host how Icinga2 understood you
icinga  host  group  configuration 
6 days ago by exnihilo
jwilder/dockerize: Utility to simplify running applications in docker containers
Utility to simplify running applications in docker containers - jwilder/dockerize
github  go  docker  template  tail  config-generator  configuration 
10 days ago by snahor

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