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Conference Diversity 101
Diversity at your event matters. Learn how to do better.
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4 hours ago by nfultz
Thinking through a follow up to OMGDPR, but for climate – Chris Adams's blog
Last year, I worked with a few friends to organise an unconference in Berlin, called OMGDPR. It was mainly a response to seeing at what, at the time, seemed like an event that was landing on a very specific day, with poorly understood but extremely far reaching consequences. And at the same time, it seemd…
8 hours ago by NiklasJordan
Strategic Domain-Driven Design

How do we design sociotechnical systems (software and teams) to maximise iteration quality and speed?
“the key to incremental architecture is to build on a framework that can accommodate change... that
framework is the domain.... By modeling the domain, you can more easily handle changes to the domain

— Allen Holub (@allenholub)
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20 hours ago by janpeuker
> Find women speakers & moderators for your conference.

Because if it's all men, it's all shit. Get the most basic level of fucking diversity into your conf. And then carry on along every other intersection of oppression.
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3 days ago by sonniesedge

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