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makefile - How do I get $(error ...) to work conditionally in GNU Make? - Stack Overflow |
This looks like it should, but doesn't actually work (for me, or apparently the OP):

<code class="language-makefile">
ifeq ($(shell test -d /foobar; echo $$?),1) $(error Not a directory) endif
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5 weeks ago by kme
Conditionally adding an array or object member in JavaScript
const obj = {
...(someCondition && {b: 5})

const arr = [
...(cond ? ['a'] : []),
JavaScript  tips  conditional  array  element  object  property  member  key  field 
8 weeks ago by dandv
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
conditional  conditional-props  types  typescript  react 
9 weeks ago by jimthedev
Six methods to achieve conditional rendering in React
Content marketing is a cheap & consistent way of acquiring clients. Learn how to create your content marketing strategy to achieve your company's potential.
react  conditional  rendering  howto 
9 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Welcome to - Learn Excel, Charting Online
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november 2018 by ghardin

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