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The harsh reality: Canada’s in a near-impossible situation on NAFTA, experts say - The Globe and Mail

Canadian negotiators faced a grim ultimatum this week – cave to a series of hardline U.S. demands or get hit with steep tariffs on autos that could plunge much of the country into recession....“They don’t believe you can do an agreement where both sides win,” says John Manley, a former trade and finance minister who now heads the Business Council of Canada, which speaks for 150 of the country’s largest companies. “Everything is ‘what I get, you lose.’ That’s a pretty tough starting place.” ...In the end, Mr. Trump’s erratic nature, not Canadian missteps, may be the x-factor that has made a deal so hard to reach......even in the toughest days of negotiating... the original Canada-U.S. FTA ...and.. NAFTA t....Mr. Mulroney knew he could trust presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. “You’re not dealing with a rational character at the other end,” Mr. Burney says of Mr. Trump. “The difference you had in my day is that at least the relationship at the top between the leaders was positive.” ......The U.S. President insisted in leaked off-the-record comments Thursday that he’ll only do a deal with Canada that is “totally on our terms.”..That hard line makes reaching a deal all the more difficult.​
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Could Brexit concession intensify Tory warfare? - BBC News
Believe me, in Westminster, there is a very very big difference between the promise of more serious chat about something with the possibility of a change, and a promise actually to do something different, especially if it is made by the occupant of Number 10.
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Questions and Answers about Concessions
State of California Parks and Recreation info on concessions
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Home Buying: If the seller is paying the sellers concession how come the amount that's paid is added on to the loan or mortgage of the house for the buyer to pay? - Trulia Voices
In the day-to-day real estate practice, everyone does it backwards. Instead of determining the purchase price including the concession, they determine the seller's net and then add anything you're requesting as seller concession. This is why it appears to be that you're adding on to the sales price. via Pocket
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