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How To Kill Your Tech Industry
In World War II, Britain invented the electronic computer. By the 1970s, its computing industry had collapsed—thanks to a labor shortage produced by sexism.
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Programming Quotes · GitHub
Programming Quotes . GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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“Automation Divine”: Early Computer Music and the Selling of the Cold War | NewMusicBox
Matthew Guerrieri:
The Mark IV, which had produced all those hymn tunes, had been funded by the U. S. Air Force; it worked out guided-missile flight patterns and helped design lenses for the U-2 spy plane.[13] The Harvard computers, it turned out, ran more reliably if they were never turned off; Aiken duly assigned Peter Neumann, a music-loving graduate student, to watch over the Mark IV from Friday night until Monday morning. Student projects—hymn-tune-generation included—happened on the weekends.[14] Computational composition in the United States got its start, quite literally, in the off-hour downtime of the military-industrial complex.
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Why Doctors Hate Their Computers | The New Yorker
Digitization promises to make medical care easier and more efficient; instead, doctors feel trapped behind their screens
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